Karylle: "Single is sexy."


When asked what she would wish for herself, Karylle replied, "I'm just so happy kasi with everything that's been going on, parangit's hard pa to wish for anything more. I'm just wishing for everything that's coming my way
When asked what she would wish for herself, Karylle replied, "I'm just so happy kasi with everything tha

Many were surprised by Karylle's decision to change herimage, especially when she agreed to become a model for Bench Body, theunderwear line of the famous clothing brand Bench. From a conservative singer, she will soon be seen wearing onlyundergarments in Bench billboards and posters starting December14.

Although Karylle refused to describe how sexy she will be onthese promotional ads, she gave a slight idea on what she wore duringher photo shoot.

"Iba-iba [ang sinuot] ko, e, may Mobo line dinkasi. Mobo line is the one that [madeby London-based] Filipino designer [Lesley Mobo], who designs for Diesel," said Karylle in an interview a few hours after signing an exclusive contract with the Kapamilya network.

With her transformation, some are wondering if this has something to do with her recent breakup with ex-boyfriend Dingdong Dantes.

"Paano ba 'yong nangyari? Hindi ko nga alam kung paano nangyarilahat. Sometimes, it just happens alltogether. Siguro, at this point, masnagiging adventurous lang ako. Kung maydumating na mga opportunity, I just grab them," said Karylle.

The 27-year-old singer-actress added that she liked the ideathat Bench presented to her.

"It was something that, you know, Bench presented na theywant to get me to Bench Body. At first,hindi ko naisip na puwede ba akong mag-endorse ng underwear or something likethat.

"Siyempre, kapag kaharap mo na si Mr. Ben Chan [owner of Bench]. at feelingniya kaya mo 'yan, siyempre maniniwala ka naman. Maganda naman ang kinalabasan ng pictorial and I'm very happyabout it."

Again, Karylle mentioned that her change of image hasnothing to do with her breakup with Dingdong. Incidentally, he's also an image model of Bench Body.

"Nakakatawa kasi, I was sharingkanina with some friends... During the time kasi na we started to, you know,parang malabo na, I would always fix myself up just to feel happier withmyself. I had this weird quote thatgoes: ‘If you can't count on boys, you can always count on your blush on," related Karylle.


The daughter of Divine Diva Zsa Zsa Padilla pointed out thatthis is just one way of taking care of herself. Instead of looking miserable after the unfortunate event, shesaid she'd rather see herself glowing.

"Siyempre, you have to take care of yourself some more,hindi 'yong magpa-pajamas ka and the ice cream. There's another way to go, 'yon nga, working out is another goodoutlet kesa mag-iiyak ka kasi makikita sa eyebags."

So, it's not true that she just wanted to show Dingdong whathe has lost after their breakup?

"Hindi naman," she said. "I'm just thinking of myself. It's kinda selfish thing pero alam mo 'yon, it's more of taking goodcare of yourself and just nourishing yourself because 'Single is Sexy' as we saysa Bench."

Bench introduces Karylle as its newest Bench Body endorser and unveils her sexy billboard this Saturday, December 13, at TriNoma Mall in Quezon City.





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