Former Hunk Carlos Agassi declines bold roles


Carlos Agassi on baring his body for a film: "Basta magandaang offer at maganda ang role."

Carlos Agassi used to be frequently seen on television andmovies in the earlier years of his career in showbiz. As he grew older, the former member of the all-male singing groupThe Hunks got fewer and fewer projects per year.

Last year, he had only two projects for ABS-CBN PrimetimeBida: Rounin and Princess Sarah. This year, he has appeared only in the weekly fantaserye Dragonna,which started last Saturday.

The former teen star said that there have been offers but hedeclined them out of disagreement with the concept of his assigned role.

"Hindi naman choosy pero kung hindi naman worth, it paranghuwag na lang, di ba?," he explains with the younger generation in mind. "Kasi,you want your future kids, or you want your pamangkins... You established alreadya name, a good response, di ba?

"Ang hindi lang worth it sa akin, 'yong mga bold. Actually, 'yon lang naman ang in-offer. Tingnan niyo nagkontrabida ako sa PrincessSarah, costume, mainit. I'm notchoosy, I did it. It's worth it whenyou watch it and ang gagaan ng mga katrabaho."

Although his hunky physique suits the usual character inX-rated films, Carlos finds this kindof project unappealing.

"If you do something that you don't like, which is bold,pakita mo ang private parts mo, I'm not into that. Kasi may mga kamag-anak akong pari sa Batangas, sa Tagaytay, andmaganda ang upbringing sa akin ng magulang ko. Sorry to say, I don't have anything against people who do that, I mean,to each his own, e, so respect na lang."


Does he feel left behind by his peers, other hunk actorslike Piolo Pascual and Jericho Rosales?

"There's no problem, there's no regrets. I mean, I've beenin the business for 13 years—I was able to be a part of The Hunks, I was giventhe chance to be the leading man to Claudine, I was able to do a movie with Ms.Vilma Santos, Christopher de Leon. Kumbaga, I've developed a relationship with the staff of Star Magic, Mr.Johnny Manahan. To have done what I'vedone, to have experienced it, I'm very grateful already."

He adds, "I have no regrets if they give me work ornot. Actually if they give me work,like, once a year, it's okay because I love doing it."

The 29-year-old actor feels he has already enjoyed the lifeof a celebrity.

"Basically, 'yong nagawa ko, masayang-masaya na ako. There's no way I think I could top thatright now. And to see younger peoplebeing blessed with that, I'm really and genuinely happy," he says.

Carlos gives words of wisdom to newcomers who want tomaintain a career in showbiz: "Advice ko lang, whoever it is right now, ifyou're on the top, save up and enjoy it. Nothing lasts in this world. Nomatter what happens, always be the person that you are before you becomefamous, and never forget your studies and family."





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