Love as defined by the stars


For pretty DJ-host Andi9, love is all about sacrifice and sharing. "It's not about my happiness, but it's about the person's happiness," she told PEP (Philippine Entertainment Portal) in a recent conversation.

Regarded as the most rewarding yet complex human emotion, love encompasses a wide array of meanings as complicated as the feeling itself.

Though love transcends season or any occasion, the month of February highlights the emotion and just about everything associated with it. In time for Valentine's Day, PEP (Philippine Entertainment Portal) cornered some of our local celebrities and asked them about their personal definition of—borrowing the line from a Queen song—"that crazy little thing called love."

HERO ANGELES. "Ang love kasi 'yan 'yong feeling na nagbibigay ka ng pagmamahal sa iba, ng love sa iba na makakalimutan mo na yong sarili mo. Gagawin mo lahat para sa taong gusto mo tapos ibibigay mo lahat, 'yong tipong di ka makakain, di ka makatulog di ka makapag-focus sa isang bagay or minsan napapaway ka na sa iba, tapos center ng buhay mo siya lang talaga."

JASON ABALOS. "Love is blind."

JAY-R SIABOC. "Love is powerful."

ANDI9. "For me, I define love as being selfless as not thinking about myself for the person that I really love and it's all about sacrifices and what you can give. It's not about my happiness but it's about the person's happiness."

AJ PEREZ. "Love is a word that binds two people intimately."

XIAN LIM. "Knowing when you're in love is when one person can understand you like no one else in the world."

CHRIS GUTIERREZ. "Love is unconditional."

CHYNNA ORTALEZA. "It's the most fulfilling, happy [experience] but it can also be the most painful. So after how many years na rin in a relationship I realized now that love is looking past all expectations or imperfections, tapos after nun and you still love the person then you can say na I am in love."


MEGAN YOUNG. "Love is blind! Nasa harap mo na, di mo pa napapansin, haha!"

WENDY VALDEZ. "Love is God's gift to us."

JOHN UY. "Love is indescribable."

REGINE ANGELES. "Love is a passionate feeling for someone."

JOEM BASCON. "Personally, respeto. Kumbaga hindi mo kailangan pilitin kasi 'yong tao na pagmahal mo kailangan mag-adjust sa 'yo. Kailangan magbigay, you have to give and kung ano 'yong ibabalik niya, yon na yon, e, yon yung pagmamahal."

KARYLLE. "There are lots of, different kinds of love and it's not just always romantic love. I guess 'yong love for yourself , it helps talaga, e. Especially at a time when you think that all can be lost but if you love yourself, people will love you talaga. Parang it's something that attracts. 'Di ba 'pag masungit ka, nobody wants to talk to you. So, 'pag meron kang loving aura or loving personality, loving attitude, I think it will follow that people will give back."

Whatever one's definition is, it cannot be denied that everyone longs to experience the euphoria that comes with the feeling of being in love. And that holds true whether you are a celebrity or not. By the way, if you want to catch the love bug, log on to our Valentines Special by clicking here.

*Additional data gathered with the help of Rikka Dylim of Star Magic.





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