Veteran actor Berting Labra succumbs to emphysema


The remains of veteran actor Berting Labra now lay in state at the Garden of Memories in Pateros. He died yesterday, February 10, in his Pateros residence after a long and hard-fought battle with emphysema.

Seasoned character actor Berting Labra—best known as the sidekick of the late action great, Fernando Poe, Jr.—died yesterday, February 10, at the age of 75.

Berting—Roberto Labra in real life—succumbed to emphysema at around 3 p.m., a month after he was discharged from the hospital.

Born in 1932, Berting jumpstarted his acting career in 1953 via the movie Apat Na Taga under Sampaguita Pictures. He started out as a child star before appearing in movies with Fernando Poe Sr. and eventually with his son, Action King Fernando Poe Jr. Berting Labra was highly respected and well-liked by his peers in the industry.

Berting was incarcerated in 1969 together with fellow actor Eddie Fernandez (father of Pops Fernandez) following a murder trial. The two served prison time for 13 years. The Supreme Court eventually cleared Labra and Fernandez and ordered their release in 1982.


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