Parokya ni Edgar boys are as quirky as their music


Almost 15 years after their group was launched in the local music scene, Parokya ni Edgar has never lost its quirky appeal. Find out why...

In a recent article in Top Gear magazine (click here) and (click here), everyone’s favorite kwela rockers reveal that they’re just as funny as their songs suggest.

Rocketing to stardom on the back of oddball hits such as “Trip,” “Please Don’t Touch My Birdie,” and “Lutong Bahay," the members of Parokya have always seemed more easygoing than your average rock stars. The six members of Parokya—Chito Miranda, Buwi Meneses, Darius Semaña, Gab Chee Kee, Din Din Moreno and pretty boy Vinci Montaner—say there is some truth to their self-deprecating, funny-boy image.

Among their quirky revelations: Vocalist Chito used to drive an old Volkwagen Beetle. He has now upgraded to a Honda Jazz, but guaranteed that he made money off of his old car. How much money? One peso. He sold the Bug to guitarist Darius for that amount. And to make sure that the sale was official, the two rockers had the transaction notarized.

The boys are as game as the band persona. Little known is the fact that drummer Dindin is a four-time winner of Pilipinas, Game Ka Na Ba? Even less known is the fact that bassist Buwi auditioned for Pinoy Survivor—but didn’t make the cut.

More fun factoids about the band appear in this article, but as the story also reveals, even Parokya needs some quiet time. These days, when the boys are on the road, they bond in silence. Even these funny guys run out of jokes to tell each other after over a decade of gigs.

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