BB Gandanghari claims her rights were violated when she was denied entry in a bar


BB Gandanghari expressed her disappointment over a bar that denied her entrance. According to BB, the bar should restudy whatever rules they had, especially about cross-dressers. "Baka naman hindi cross- dressing ang issue. Baka naman bad behavior na nire-relate nila sa cross-dressing."

BB Gandanghari's recent incident rejection because of her attire was tabloid fodder when she had a brush with a bar's dress code last April 23. BB recounted the incident in a taped interview shown yesterday, May 2.

According to BB, she was invited by singer Rannie Raymundo to come see him perform at the Aruba Bar in Metrowalk. BB obliged but her assistant reminded that this was the place where stand-up comedian Inday Garutay was denied entrance for breaking the bar's dress code. (Click here to read related story.)

"Sabi ko, let's check," BB said, referring to her companion's story about Inday Garutay. "Pagdating ko doon sa parking, kinabahan na ako. So, sabi ko sa assistant ko na siya muna umakyat. Yun na nga, I was told na hindi puwede [pumasok]."

BB said she wasn't wearing anything indecent. "Yun nga, ipinakita [ng Aruba] sa kanya [BB's assistant] yung dress code and everything. Tapos sinabihan ako na kung aakyat ako, e, doon lang ako sa labas. I was dumbfounded, na parang 'Why?'"

BB tried to call Rannie but, apparently the singer was already setting up so he could not answer her calls. "By the time na tumatawag siya," added BB, "after mangyari na yung hindi dapat mangyari, e, hindi ko na siya sinagot kasi na-bad trip din ako after. I really got mad after and first time nangayri ito."

Did she talk to the manager?

"Yes, my assistant did," BB replied. "She talked to the manager, and the manager kinausap yung owner."

Did the manager know that she is BB Gandanghari?

"Sinabi ng assistant ko," said BB.

VIOLATION OF HUMAN RIGHTS. BB stated that her rights were violated. "Parang ako naman, feeling ko, e, no to cross-dressing, parang 'Why'? Ano ang ayaw nila sa cross-dressing? It's also a fact that I don't consider myself a cross-dresser. I feel like a woman and I'm a human being."


BB asserted that she didn't do anything wrong. "Hindi naman ako mananakit ng tao at nandoon naman ako just to enjoy the music. I'm just an ordinary person."

What is her advice to cross-dressers?

"Siguro sa kagaya kong ladies na who express themselves in this kind of situation and this manner of dressing, keep your dignity and be respectable, and people will respect you."

On a last note, BB said: "Ang mga tao talaga may iba't ibang uniqueness. Hindi porke't ganito ako manamit, e, masama ang ugali ko. Hindi ibig sabihin na ganyan ka manamit, e, okay ka, hindi ba? Wala 'yan sa appearance."





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