Liza Lorena's grandson Philippe Palanca wins U.S. Kid's Euro Golf Championship


Veteran actress Liza Lorena's grandson Philippe Winsett-Palanca placed first in the U.S. Kid's Golf European Championship, beating 30 other golfers from the around the world.

The grandson of veteran actress Liza Lorena (Elizabeth Winsett in real life), Carlos Philippe Winsett-Palanca, won first place in the 2009 Kids Golf European Championships held from May 26 to 28 in Kilspindie, Scotland.

Carlos bested 30 other kid golfers, who are "under 7 age category," from 15 different countries.

Born in San Francisco, California but now based in here in the Philippines, the grade 1 De La Salle Zobel student started off strong in the competition by garnering 32 points in the first round, dropping two points at the second round at 34, then finally ending the third round with 37. Overall, Philippe garnered a total score of 103, and was followed by South African Kian Luke Rose (104 points) and British Jake Craddock. Coming in third was Lewis Brown, also from the United Kingdom.

For the benefit of those who do not play golf, it's the person with the lowest score who wins. Every time you take a whack at that little white ball, that's a stroke. Every time you make a stroke, that's a point. The total strokes per hole are being counted. At the end of the round, the grand total of strokes for each hole is the golf score. Remember that the goal must putt in a golf ball using a golf club in a hole with less hits as possible.

Philippe's mom, Wednesday, is Liza Lorena's daughter by businessman Honey Boy Palanca, currently married to 1979 Bb. Pilipinas Universe, Dang Cecilo. Philippe's grandfather is Carlos "Charlie" Palanca III, who is very supportive of his grandson's golfing career. It may be recalled that Liza is the mother of actor Tonton Gutierrez by veteran actor Eddie Gutierrez.

Come July, Philippe will represent the country again, this time in San Diego, U.S.A.





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