Dr. Vicki Belo's sworn affidavit narrates details of how she destroyed Hayden Kho's sex videos


Beauty doctor to the Stars Vicki Belo submitted her affidavit to the NBI in which she narrates events concerning ex-lover Hayden Kho's sex videos after she broke up with him.

Dr. Vicki Belo aired her side of the story regarding the proliferation of Hayden Kho's sex videos via an affidavit, which she submitted to NBI (National Bureau of Investigation) Pasig last May 26.

Vicki's sworn affidavit contained descriptive points in chronological order, from the moment she broke up with Hayden to the time she "received, had it deleted, and destroyed the DVD copy and hard drive containing Hayden's sex videos."

Here are the significant details stated in the affidavit:

1. Sometime in December 2008, 1 decided to break up with my then boyfriend, Dr. Hayden Kho.

2. I was aware that Hayden had a video of us having intimate relations because I consented to the videotaping with the understanding that said video shall be deleted immediately after we had viewed it. However, since we had broken up, I wanted to make sure that Hayden no longer possessed a copy of said video.

3. Thus, on 9 December 2008, I asked Hayden's friends, Messrs. Erik Chua and Herbert "Bistek" Rosario, to retrieve the computers and hard drives which were issued to Hayden by the Belo Medical Group and where he may have stored a copy of our video. Since I owned the apartment where Hayden was staying and where, most likely, the computers and hard drives were located, I gave them the key to my apartment. They then went to the apartment, took three (3) computers and one (1) hard drive, and brought them to my house.

4. The computers did not contain the video I was looking for. Unfortunately, Erik, Bistek and I could, not access the hard drive because it was protected by a password. Erik, being in the computer business, volunteered to find a computer expert who could gain access into Hayden's hard drive to enable us to obtain the video file.

5. On 18 December 2008, Erik, accompanied by a computer expert, went to my house. They went to work by decoding the password and gaining access to the hard drive. Since I was about to have dinner with some friends, I left them at my house with the specific instructions to delete the said video file from the hard drive should they find it.


6. Later that evening, Erik arrived at the dinner and gave me a DVD. He told me, 'Ayan, regalo ko sa 'yo ("Here, my gift to you"). I thought that the DVD contained the video I was looking for. Nonetheless, I was furious that Erik copied the video in a DVD despite my specific instruction to delete the video should he find it.

7. When I went home, I played the DVD. I was shocked and appalled to find out that the DVD contained videos of Hayden having sex with other women, including Ms. Katrina Halili. Because of my anger, I destroyed the DVD and the hard drive and threw them away.

8. The DVD and the hard drive that I destroyed were the only items which contained the videos that came into my possession and I have never distributed or authorized anyone to distribute or make copies of the aforesaid videos or DVD.

Last May 21, Vicki received a Subpoena from the National Bureau of Investigation, which ordered her to appear before the Office of the Anti-Fraud and Computer Crimes Division (AECCD) the following day at 1:30 p.m. "to shed light on the hard drive which contained videos of Ms. Halili and Hayden."

The affidavit continued, "According to the NBI, their basis for the inquiry was the Affidavit of Mr. Omar Sortijas where he stated that said hard drive is supposedly in my possession as conveyed to him by Hayden in a text message on 26 December 2008."





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