Karylle talks about her experience as a cover girl


"I always try to manage to do a lot while on a shoot. Time is so precious," says cover girl Karylle.

Since December 2008, Karylle has lent her serene face, toned body, and contagious smile to numerous magazine covers. Such was the demand for this young lady that there was even a time that she did six in a month.

"I hardly did magazine covers before. I always felt like I could never be a cover girl," said Karylle in an interview, while waiting for her hair and makeup to be done for a magazine pictorial. But these days she finds herself ready to face the things that life throws at her. And when she does, she finds herself in the middle of a miracle. "I learned that once you accept the things that can happen to you, that's when it started coming," affirms the multi-talented artist.

Before she became in-demand by the glossies, Karylle would smile sheepishly while thinking of her maternal grandmother's request. "My grandma would always say, 'Padalhan mo naman ako ng mga magazines na ikaw ang cover.' And I'd always be like, Wala naman, e," recalls Karylle. But her Las Vegas-based grandmother was just in town last month and she beams with pride that she can now give her copies of the long-time request.

"In ASAP, they laugh at me when I would ask permission to plug my magazine covers. Laugh in the funny kind of way because I would tell them, 'Can I plug my cover?' Sige na, ngayon lang ito nangyari sa buhay ko," she relates candidly.

Although cover girls are commonly perceived to convey standards of physical beauty, Karylle cannot recall being extravagant on a beauty product. In fact, she says it's her mom who buys her makeup, which she uses for pictorials and TV guestings.

As Karylle lets the makeup artist and hairstylist do their jobs, she multi-tasks during the shoot. Her constant companions are her laptop—to do her emails and check her Facebook account—and her cell phone. In one cover shoot, she was able to organize a reunion with her friends while on the wait. "I always try to manage to do a lot while on a shoot. Time is so precious," stresses Karylle.

And while Karylle has managed to execute different magazine covers in the past, she talks about her dream cover. "I haven't really done a nice beach shoot or like a Batanes scene. I want something that we can showcase what is good and beautiful here."

The good and the beautiful that Karylle is talking about is bound to roll along in the days to come. Her third album, Time For Letting Go, is out in the market. She shares a song with mom Zsa Zsa Padilla in "I Live For Your Love." Three cuts from the album were originally written by her. She continues to share the spotlight with Kristine Hermosa in the remake of Nasaan Ka, Maruja?

Karylle will also star in ABS CBN's new soap, Dahil May Isang Ikaw, together with Gabby Concepcion, Lorna Tolentino, Kristine Hermosa, Jericho Rosales, Chin Chin Gutierrez, John Estrada and Sid Lucero. She is in the cast of the Sine Direk entry Litsonero.

Apart from her weekly ASAP gig, Karylle continues to be active in supporting the Philippine Animal Welfare Society (PAWS) and charities for White Cross Orphanage and ChildHaus. She is also the celebrity endorser of popular brands Bench Body and Blue Water Day Spa.

For more information about Karylle, contact STAGES at (632) 818-1111 loc. 225.






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