Chin-Chin Gutierrez unveils her artwork in Baguio City on July 4


Chin-Chin Gutierrez will display her latest collection of paintings, Hedgestones of Faith, at the Bliss Café in Baguio City. It will be displayed from July 4 until August 7, 2009.

Three years after her first solo exhibit, actress and environmental icon Chin-Chin Gutierrez returns to Bliss Café in Baguio City with her latest collection of paintings, Hedgestones of Faith. The exhibit opens at 6 p.m. on July 4, in celebration as well of Bliss Café's 5th anniversary.

Chin-Chin was first invited by Bliss owners Jim Ward and Shanti Isla-Ward to unveil her artwork in 2006, just months before her residence was gutted by fire, consuming the rest of her art pieces. Her only surviving paintings are those that were sold, mostly to foreign collectors, and the large piece, "Veggie Energy", which she offered as a gift to her Bliss family.

Of her latest exhibit, the prized artist and green advocate explains: "Each painting is a stone altar on which a sacrifice is laid... The collection presences a sacred pause to remember the critical conditions of our habitat—global warming and climate change, rising temperatures, floods, droughts, extinction of species and indigenous cultures, melting glaciers, shifting plates and poles, ecosystems strained and communities in an uncertain state of collapse..."


"Likewise, we also remember the cause of these conditions—human inhabitants in fear, greed and ignorance."

"Yet, paradoxically, these are resonant signs and symptoms of a new world at hand. Birthing our true home of peace, joy, goodness, kindness, love and compassion calls for something to give way to usher a new world," she continues. "For the good of all—are we ready to offer up ourselves to travel bliss-ward bound?"

Hedgestones of Faith goes on display from July 4 to August 7 at Bliss Café, ground floor of Hotel Elizabeth in Baguio City.


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