Dionisia Pacquiao says love for dancing and for grandkids fills her life


Mommy Dionisia's popularity is on its way to beating her son Manny Pacquiao's fame, with her zest for dancing and simple outlook on life. The PacMom, 60, has shown her dance moves in several TV guestings, including last Saturday's Startalk where she twisted and turned to some fast-paced music with a tall dance partner.

Filipino boxing superstar Manny Pacquiao has been in the limelight for the past few years for his skill and lightning punches. In her own right, Dionisia Pacquiao is as lightning-fast when it comes to showbiz stardom. Fast perfectly describes the two for becoming household names here and abroad—the son, for his awesome skill in boxing, and his mom, for her irrepressible dancing.

Also known as the PacMom, Mommy Dionisia has appeared in programs such as a hidden-camera show and a reality dance show. She was also featured in a documentary by GMA-7 News last Monday. With all these TV exposures coming her way, would the Pacman's mom eventually end up as a popular showbiz celebrity?

LIVE INTERVIEW WITH DANCING MOM. Dancing on the Startalk stage was the PacMom, paired with a tall male dancer who without twisted and turned the "golden girl" to fast-paced music. After the dance, the show's hosts Lolit Solis and Joey de Leon greeted her and asked, "Mommy, gusto lang marinig mula sa bibig mo, totoo ba ang chismis tungkol sa diumanoy DI [dance instructor] na pinag-shopping mo daw ng worth one million pesos?"


Answering with flair, the PacMom said, "Hindi totoo ang mga balita! Intrigang-intriga nila sa akin kasi ang sikat ko na!"

Indeed, if people talk about you then you really are popular and the mom of the famous boxing champ clearly sends that message to detractors and fans alike. Of course, with popularity coming her way, would Mommy Dionisia change her career to hosting, or acting?

"Wala sa isip ko mag-artista," Mommy Dionisia replied, to the hosts' amazement. Laughing, she added, "Ang gusto ko lang, lahat ng commercial tanggapin ko. Pag artista, ayoko. Lahat ng friends ko, sabi nila, e, huwag tanggihan mag-artista para makita ako palagi sa TV."

Well, how about hosting a dance show?

She smiled and said, "Okey lang sa akin ang dancing. Kung may mag-imbita sa akin, wala akong atrasan."

CHOOSING THE BEST FOR HER SON. Mommy Dionisia is quite concerned about her son's boxing career since he's reaching the 30-year mark. Honestly, she wants him to stop, but Manny told her he would like to fight one more bout (most likely with welterweight fighter Miguel Angel Cotto).


"'Pag pulitiko," added Mommy Dionisia, "hindi ako maka-decision, 'huminto ka o patuloy ka'. Sa kanya na ang decision. Hindi puwede matigilan ang career niya kung diyan siya magdaan. Tapos sa boxing, 'pag wala na daw siya trabaho, e gusto niya makatulong sa taong bayan."

Can she honestly say that she is now rich?

"Hindi naman masyado," smiled Mommy Dionisia. "Sa isip ko, may kaibahan na sa noon at ngayon. Kahit ganito na buhay namin, sa isip ko na... hindi ako nag-iba kahit ganito na buhay namin. Wala akong yabang talaga."

Is the good ol' mom on good terms with daughter-in-law Jinkee Pacquiao?

"Siyempre, wala akong ikasabi sa manugang ko. Ang bait niya talaga. Sinabi niya, 'Andiyan pa kami at wala kaming tigil sa pagsuporta sa iyo. Habang may buhay pa kayo.'"

INSPIRATION. Mommy Dionisia's grandchildren are her source of inspiration. The Startalk hosts teased her, does she have anyone special, like a suitor? She answered, "Ang puso ko 'andiyan na sa mga apo ko at anak ko. Wala nang iba na tutukan ko. Ang pagmamahal ko sa anak ko at apo ko."


But would it be okay for Manny if his mom married again?

"Sa akin, wala na," said Dionisia. "Wala na akong time diyan sa paghanap ng iba. Kuntento na ako sa tatay nila. Kahit wala na ako sa piling [niya], tanggap ko na. Hindi ako nag-iisa, 'andiyan kayong mga fans ko na nakatutok sa akin!"


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