Sports broadcaster Dyan Castillejo says Manny Pacquiao really wants to be a public servant


"It's not that people are forcing him, eh. He really wants sa loob niya. You can really see it. Kasi they're saying people are forcing him. Hindi, e, he really wants. Matagal na kahit nung hindi pa siya champion," says Dyan Castillejo (main photo) about Manny Pacquiao's (inset) aspiration to serve his countrymen.

Manny Pacquiao really wants to be a politician, according to sports broadcaster Dyan Castillejo, a close friend of the world-champion Pinoy boxer.

"From way back, nung hindi pa siya super sikat, he really wants na talaga... Yung nature niya really is to help... Makikita mo sa kanya, like he's really interested in the subject. He likes to talk to politicians," said the Sports Unlimited host during the presscon for her newest endorsement Easy Pha-max Wheatgrass yesterday, July 7, at Annabel's restaurant in Quezon City.

The new IBO light welterweight world champion, recently announced his desire to become a congressman of Sarangani province. Critics hailed the move unreasonable, advising Pacman to stay out of the political limelight, because he would only be used by other politicians.

But Dyan argued that Pacman wants to run out of his free will, not because politicians are forcing him.

"It's not that people are forcing him, e. He really wants sa loob niya. You can really see it. Kasi they're saying people are forcing him. Hindi, e, he really wants. Matagal na kahit nung hindi pa siya champion."


A recent fiasco involving the champ proves Dyan's closeness to him. Last January, rumors went around saying that Pacquiao's supposed transfer from GMA-7 to ABS-CBN was incited by the sports broadcaster, who was allegedly asked by the Kapamilya network to convince the boxer to crossover. (Click HERE to read related article.)

The issue has long ended, but Dyan still explained her side. "I just went there to cover. Kasi we heard the issue that he's moving. Kausap niya management talaga. I just went there to interview... Pero siyempre, it's perceived like that kasi I'm close to him, e."

HEALTH BUFF. Aside from interviewing athletes, the 43-year old TV personality loves being a health buff.

"My passion is health and fitness. I love to exercise, I love to eat healthy, I really eat mga vegetables. I'm always looking for ways to get healthy," Dyan explained.

The former Wimbledon player related her daily health routine.


"What I always do regularly is run... I take my kid to school at 7:30, and after that, I run around the village. So I run around four times a week, mga 45 minutes to one hour. I'm trying to run now 10-15 kilometers [per run]," she explained.

Dyan maintains a healthy diet. Her food intake consists mostly of vegetables, whole wheat brown rice, brown bread, chicken, and fish. She avoids eating fat and oily foods.

The former World Tonight news anchor also takes a daily dose of sea and fish oil and Wheatgrass, a new product that helps her reach optimum health. One sachet of Wheatgrass, dissolved in a glass of water, is reportedly equal to a pound of vegetables.

Dyan also makes sure to balance her physical wellbeing with her spiritual practices.

"Exercise is my super stress-buster [but] I will not survive without prayer. I read the Bible daily, I go to Church once a week... that's where I get my strength."



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