Marc Nelson and Rovilson Fernandez support this year's Urbanite Run


Actor-host Marc Nelson (in photo) spearheaded Kenny Rogers Roasters Open 2009 Urbanite Run held last August 15 at Bonifacio Global City in The Fort. In a conversation with PEP (Philippine Entertainment Portal) during the event, Marc stressed the importance of eating healthy food to complement an individual's preferred form of physical exercise.

Marc Nelson observes that Filipinos nowadays are more health conscious than before.

The model-TV host participated in the 2009 Urbanite Run organized by Kenny Rogers Roasters at Bonifacio Global City. The evening run was held last Saturday, August 15. Marc told PEP (Philippine Entertainment Portal) that he has noticed this trend, as evidenced by the vast open field crowded with eager runners that night.

"I've noticed in the last decade, before there weren't that many gyms around. No one was heading into the outdoors, no one was running. But as the years come along, every year it just leapfrogs—leaps and bounds— people are getting more and more into fitness."

He later added: "People are getting more and more into fitness. Just look at the different range of products out there putting a premium on health... But what I think is important is read your labels. Make sure if something claims to be healthy, make sure it really is healthy because it's easy to claim."


The running activity organized that night was conceptualized by Kenny Rogers Roasters to encourage the public to observe a healthy lifestyle by engaging in physical activities and to follow a healthy diet regimen anchored on the food choices they make. Also present at the event was Marc's co-endorser and good friend, Rovilson Fernandez.

HIGH-TECH RUN. The participants last Saturday were equipped with an advanced timing chip system to keep track of the distances covered during the actual run. The runners also wore dark wristbands and sleek jerseys with the brand's signature colors of red and black.

Running as a form of physical exercise has gained a huge following as of late. Health and fitness experts attribute this popularity to research stating that running burns more calories more efficiently compared to other forms of exercise.

But other than the scientific findings, Marc also has his own take on the benefits of running: "I think what people get with running [is that] it's a social thing. If you can run with your friends, it's a lot of fun."


As for the Australian model's own routine, Marc mentioned, "To be honest I usually do more of the extreme sports in Sports Unlimited. I'm always outdoors so every week I get to do something different... I do a lot of cross training.

"I try to hit the gym as much as possible. With [constant] travelling it's a little bit difficult but like what I've said I'm fortunate that when I'm working, a lot of the time I'm doing physical activity so very fortunate that way. And then eating healthy is very, very important."





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