Mano Po 6 gathers 200 people for its shoot at Beijing Film Studio


The first few hours were devoted to a pictorial. Afterwards, director Joel Lamangan shot the party scene, which was participated in by about "200 people," according to producer Lily Monteverde. Left inset photo shows Ciara Sotto and Sharon Cuneta, right inset shows Heart Evangelista and Dennis Trillo. More photo

The latter portion of Mano Po 6 was shot successfully yesterday, November 20, by its director Joel Lamangan at the Beijing Film Studio, which is China's version of the United States' Universal Studios.

More than 80 Chinese—composed of elderly people, youths, kids, and lion dancers—were included in the frame. But according to film producer Lily Monteverde, the head count that day was 200.

P80-MILLION MOVIE. Regal Entertainment's entry to the 2009 Metro Manila Film Festival is perhaps one of the most expensive Filipino films ever produced. "Pero okay lang... for the love of Sharon [Cuneta]," said Mother Lily.

The running total of expenses to date is 80 million pesos, according to the producer.

For the film's Beijing trip alone, 55 people were flown into China's capital. A 50-seater bus with toilet transported the Mano Po 6 people from their Beijing address, the Celebrity International Grand Hotel, to the various locations of pictorials and shoots, such as the Temple of Heaven, the film studio, the Forbidden City, and the Great Wall of China.


Four to five interpreters were hired for the director and production team. Plus, the set design required props and for the production, a crane.

But Mother Lily, who openly admits to being frugal, mentioned in one of our chats that she doesn't think much about the cost because her daughter, Roselle Monteverde-Teo, is very efficient.

"Magaling siya. Maayos, tingnan mo, okay ang itinerary, di ba? Okay na okay siya," said the mom about Roselle, the film's executive producer.

THE SHOOT. Meanwhile, the shoot went on successfully despite the numbing cold weather.

After more than three hours of shooting, Sharon Cuneta sat on the floor and sang a couple of songs to probably ease her tiredness.

Heart Evangelista rued that she had worn the wrong pair of boots. "The air goes through it so my legs are very cold," she said. Nonetheless, she was able to endure the chilly weather, and did not lose her poise during the takes.


Ciara Sotto, Nicole Uysiuseng and John Manalo seemd to have a higher tolerance for the cold weather. After the shoot, they were seen "nagkukulitan."

Zsa Zsa Padilla and Dennis Trillo went to the location for the pictorial. She stayed inside the bus while Dennis waited outside. A few minutes before the group packed up, Dennis hastily walked towards the bus. "Ang ginaw!" he said repeatedly.

That same night, a press conference was held at the Capitol King Roasted Duck restaurant. All the stars were there except for the Megastar who had begged off, and Dennis Trillo, who granted the press people an interview at the hotel lobby.

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