Patrick Garcia doesn't know why he can't see his son


Patrick Garcia has been out of the controversial limelight for a while but due to the recent statements made by his ex-girlfriend Jennylyn Mercado, he comes out and reacts.

Actor Patrick Garcia guested yesterday, November 29, in Showbiz Central to say in his piece regarding the ongoing issue between him and ex-girlfriend Jennlyn Mercado. He has come out regarding Jennylyn's statement that Patrick is using her and their child Alex Jazz for publicity purposes.

What does he have to say right now in answer to Jen's statements?

"First of all, I'm not using them to get attention and I don't need attention," said Patrick. "I don't need publicity and I've never been like that. Kumbaga, kung in-interview ako, pag may tanong sa akin, sasagutin ko. It's not like I call press conferences and make interviews about me or people around me. It's just that, iyon ang tanong sa akin. So, iyon ang sasagutin ko. Kung gusto niya mapigil iyon, e, magbati na kami para hindi na kami pag-usapan."

Does he think that the situation between him and Jen is getting worse, with the countless interviews and exchange of statements between them?


"I've been very careful with my choice of words," explained Patrick. And as much as possible, I don't want to offend anybody, especially her."

Patrick said before that he was not going to pursue any relationship with actress Glaiza de Castro if he didn't finish some things in his life first. It's been a few months since he said that, and some people claim that they've seen Patrick and Glaiza together. Does this mean he has patched up whatever he had to fix and is now romantically linked to Glaiza?

"We're really friends and yes it's true that we go out together with Maxene and JC," Patrick admitted. "We just enjoy what we have."

Up to now, Patrick has not been able to hold his son Alex Jazz. Is there any reason why he has not enjoyed this privilege so far? Has he thought about what exactly made Jennylyn decide not to let him see their son?


"I don't know," he said. "I wish I knew. I never cheated on her or did anything bad to her... I wish you could ask her."


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