Sunshine Dizon sheds light on why she left Tinik sa Dibdib


Drama actress Sunshine Dizon wants to end to the recent issues about her dropping out of the afternoon drama Tinik sa Dibdib. She also clears the air about her turning down a council spot on StarStruck V


Sunshine Dizon's sudden disappearance from the afternoon drama TV drama Tinik sa Dibdib left her fans wondering what her reasons were for leaving the show. It was only three weeks into the show's pilot episode last September 28. They considered Sunshine's decision to move out abrupt.

Sunshine already gave interviews before (CLICK HERE to read the story) about her leaving the show but rumors persisted, giving the actress no peace. Her reason, migraine, didn't wash with fans and followers of the show.

Yesterday, December 6, Showbiz Central had Sunshine in its segment Intriga Xfire for her explain everything point by point.

Why did she leave the show?

Sunshine explained, "The truth behind iyong mga lumalabas na intrigues talaga was I really got sick. I was hospitalized and then by the time I got out of the hospital, they [production] told me that they wrote me off the script. And I expected that and I knew also that I had to rest and GMA came out with this official statement [CLICK HERE to read the story] saying that they also wanted me to rest. That's about it."

Regarding the rumors spreading about her leaving the show, she said, "I don't know what's the fuss with everyone saying that I was pregnant and this and that. If you know me personally, the more that I hear talks na ganoon about me, the more I pull back. I'm the type of person talaga, na I hate intrigues.

"As much as possible, mas okay pa nga sa akin siguro na huwag na akong pag-usapan kung pangit lang, e. So, in spite of...I had the position naman to say something about it. But I have to respect kung anong lumabas na statement, e. I felt na that was enough already, so I kept quiet."

WORKAHOLIC BURNOUT. But her silence spawned more questions than ever.


So, to explain herself more concretely, Sunshine narrated, "I was overfatigued and got burned out. I started working for Tinik sa Dibdib and I was also doing Unang Hirit and I just came from another show and I was doing all that...gusto ko sabay sabay. And I'm such a workaholic and gusto kong mag-UH sa umaga and afterwards, e gusto ko mag-taping ng Tinik sa Dibdib and by the time na umabot kami ng 8 or 9 p.m., e supposedly tulog na ako niyan, e, kasi gumigising ako for UH ng 3:30 ng umaga. So hindi ko kaya and I was doing about 40 to 45 sequences per day.

"So, dati kaya ko, ngayon hindi na. I don't know, but with age your body changes. I asked for a cut-off but that was not enough and too late, I got burned out already."

TWO-DAY ABSENCE AND STARSTRUCK V. According to SC host Raymond Guttierez, news came out from GMA-7 that Sunshine couldn't be found for two days, with nobody able to contact her as well. "How come no one just said that 'Sunshine's in the hospital and she's sick?'"

Sunshine countered, "That's not true kasi my mom was there to tell them what was happening to me. Everybody was there naman, so that's not true."

With the sickness issue explained, Susnhine proceeded to more recent topics. Why did she decline the offer to sit as council member in the reality show StarStruck V? What can she say now that Iza Clazado now occupies the spot as council member?

"Honestly I have nothing whatsoever against Iza Calzado," answered Sunshine. "It was a job I turned down for my personal reasons. Yes, sayang at nakakahinayang. I feel bad that I am not doing it right now. But at the time it was offered to me, when they asked me to do the pictorial already, e I said I could not do it because I know for a fact that I was not well enough and I was weak so, ayokong pumasok sa isang bagay na alam ko na hindi pa ako...I'm not physically well and all of the sudden I'll say yes and get sick again. No one will believe me na, e.


"'Okay, pinagbigyan ka namin, may sakit ka,' kumbaga tinanggap nila ang rason for leaving Tinik sa Dibdib. If I, kunyari, fail them again with this project, e baka magalit na sila sa akin lahat. Hindi ko naman kagustuhan na nagkasakit ako, so sabi ko kay Tita Wilma na it's better na magpahinga muna ako. But I do feel bad, but I have nothing against Iza and it could be any other person doing that same thing, e. It so happened that it was offered to her and I declined it."

NOT THE FIRST TIME. It may be remembered that this was not the first time Sunshine was replaced in a TV show for being sick. In GMA-7's Sine Novela Gaano Kadalas ang Minsan (June 2008), she was dropped from the show and was replaced with Camille Pratts for the lead role. How did it feel that it happened again to her?

"Ït's unfortunate that it happens to me," Sunshine said. "But I think that it's a matter of me realizing that hindi puwede lahat ng bagay, ikaw lang mag-isa gagawa?"

Can she safely say that she's healthy enough to continue working?

"It's a matter of how you manage your time like kunyari, gigising ka ng 3:30 ng umaga and then magtrarabaho ka until eight in the morning," said Sunshine. Right after saying that, she smiled and added, "Not that I'm making reklamo. I really love Unang Hirit and I'd love to do it again and deretso ka ng taping. Ang cut-off kasi ng time na iyon, e 3 a.m. Pero by the time na mag-hit ang 3 a.m., I could not even show up for UH because I was too tired because of all the things I was doing."

RICH SUITOR? Setting the serious issues aside, it was time to ask a lighter question: How is her lovelife right now? Rumor has it that Sunshine arrived at the recently concluded Star Awards in a flashy car. Does it belong to a rich suitor?


"As usual, ganoon pa din," laughed Sunshine. Regarding the flashy car, she explained, "I want to clear that, 'no. Actually it was Doc Manny Calayan and Dra. Pie's car. They were nice enough to lend me their car for that evening kasi Jaguar po ang kotse ni Doc Manny. They were so happy and so proud that I got nominated so they said na since they're not here nga and nasa States, sabi nila na they want to make my night extra-special. I am blessed na they love me so much na, win or lose, gusto nila happy lahat for that night."

To close the issue, she ended, "Wala pong pulitiko, wala pong mayamang boyfriend, wala pong mayaman na asawa."

EDUCATION FIRST. News is popping out that Sunshine has political plans about running for a position in Iloilo, as well as going to the United States to stay and study. Which one is true? Or is she going to do both?

"Gusto ko din linawin iyan para once and for all matapos na talaga," said Sunshine. "Yes, it's true. I have plans on leaving for the States mga first week of November, but sabi ng mom ko sa akin, alis daw ako, pero sabi na bumalik agad daw ako kasi nominated ako for Best Actress. 'Tapos sabi ng dad ko, 'babalik naman siya dito sa first week ng January 2010', so sabi niya, sayang ang pamasahe, so hindi na ako tumuloy.

"Yes, I have plans on going back to school. Plano ko sana pumasok nitong November to December, kaso iyong school namin ngayon nagtatayo ng bagong kitchen, so tatanggapin nila ako January or February. Pero it's not true na umalis ako ng bansa. I was here in the Philippines."

How about her running for politics in Iloilo?

"Hindi po iyon totoo," Sunshine answered. "Well, some people are assuming things, they see me doing charity for the DSWD [Dept. of Social Welfare and Development] in Manila. Hindi po ako pulitiko at alam ng tao na ginagawa ko iyan every year but that does not mean I'm gonna run. I have no plans in running, not now, not very soon. Hindi po ako tatakbo."


She pointed out, "Puwede ka naman tumulong na hindi mo kailangan ng posisyon, especially the charity event that I did. Nagtulung-tulong lang kaming magkakaibigan."





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