100 Most Read PEP Breaking News in 2009


Manny Pacquaio's reported extramarital affair became the talk of the town this year. In less than two months, it generated 158, 869 page views (or the number clicks) and 131, 172 unique users (or the number of individual Internet Service Providers that visited the site).

Manny Pacquiao is famous—no doubt about it.

His boxing bouts have been attracting fans from the different parts of the globe, and his feats have been featured and acknowledged by television shows in the U.S. and by magazines like Time and Forbes.

But his fame now extends beyond the ring: Pacman tops this year's list of 100 Most Read PEP Breaking News.

According to Google Analytics, which measures our web traffic, the one-month old story, "Manny Pacquiao and wife Jinkee reportedly had a big fight over Krista-Ranillo" brought in a lot of PEPsters, given its 158, 869 page views (or the number clicks) and 131, 172 unique users (or the number of individual Internet Service Providers that visited the site).

And guess which story owned the second place?

It's still our Pambansang Kamao and his video footage with a "mysterious woman inside his car" in Las Vegas, which generated 142, 417 page views and 101, 810 unique users.

In Showbizlandia, Manny also shone as the most controversial man. Six more stories related to his rumored affair with the daughter of Mat Ranillo also made it to this year's "Most Read" news.

Hayden Kho, another scene stealer of 2009, did not occupy any slot in the top 100, but the ladies who got dragged into the video scandal controversy got the support and sympathy of the readers. Eight stories—about Katrina Halili, Maricar Reyes, and even KC Concepcion and Bea Alonzo—got the showbiz aficionados hooked.

The hotness meter of Marian Rivera, who was deemed the most in-demand topic last year, did not wane in 2009. Nine articles about the progress of her relationship with Dingdong Dantes gained a huge following. The PDA (public display affection) photos of the two became all the rage and placed Top 10.

In the number 3 was the paparazzo photo of Ruffa Gutierrez and John Lloyd Cruz while shopping in Rodeo Drive, Beverly Hills, California. The interference of the former beauty queen's mom Annabelle Rama and John Lloyd's constant denials also the caught the public's interest.


Meanwhile, the wedding of Judy Ann Santos and Ryan Agoncillo last April 28 ranked fourth even if it was dubbed "secret."

Making it to the Top 5 was Claudine Barretto's sudden transfer from ABS-CBN to GMA-7.

Other staples in the readers' "Can't Miss This Story" list had something to do with Richard Gutierrez, Angel Locsin, breakups, deaths, and rifts.

There's the airport incident, car accident, and libel case of Richard against PEP, and the sad endings for the love stories of Angel and Luis Manzano, Jomari Yllana and Pops Fernandez, and Jolina Magdangal and Bebong Muñoz. And let's not forget the death of Francis Magalona, Johnny Delgado, and Ted Failon's wife Trinidad Etong.

The rifts between Lorna Tolentino and Chin-Chin Gutierrez, Annabelle Rama and Wilma Galvante, Cristine Reyes and RR Enriquez added a bit of spice to the lives of showbiz fans.

And what rocked and shocked the Pinoys? Stories that did not involve stars.

Remember the outburst of fashion designer Boyet Fajardo at the Duty Free Philippines shop and the tragic death of Ruby Rose, sister of actress Rochelle Barrameda?

Of course, the NETizens didn't just patronize the controversial, the sad endings, and intriguing issues in showbiz. The Ondoy heroes—like Gerald Anderson and couple Juday and Ryan—also yielded a lot of clicks!

That's just to give you a quick rundown of the PEPster's preferred showbiz topics.

Now here's the data that will tell you the story titles that generated the most number of readers from January 1 to December 21, 2009:

1. Manny Pacquiao and wife Jinkee reportedly had a big fight over Krista Ranillo (page 1) PV: 158,869/ UU: 131,172

2. YouTube video shows Manny Pacquiao inside his car with a mysterious woman PV: 142,417/ UU: 101,810

3. Another paparazzo photo of Ruffa Gutierrez and John Lloyd Cruz surfaces PV: 120,455/ UU: 102,985

4. (UPDATED) Judy Ann Santos and Ryan Agoncillo tie the knot in Batangas PV: 116,029/ UU: 94,976


5. Claudine Barretto cuts her ties with ABS CBN, moves to GMA-7 PV: 113,795/ UU: 100,822

6. Richard Gutierrez involved in airport incident PV: 101,700/ UU: 92,577

7. Lorna Tolentino refuses to work with Chin Chin Gutierrez again PV: 101,542/ UU: 87,043

8. 3rd Star Magic Ball celebrates 17 years of developing ABS-CBN talents PV: 98,151/ UU: 83,107

9. Lolit Solis clarifies report that she has seen alleged video of Hayden Kho and KC Concepcion PV: 87,283/ UU: 76,983

10. Marian Rivera and Dingdong Dantes: Public display of affection! PV: 81,799/ UU: 70,641

11. Joey de Leon writes satiric ballad against Willie Revillame PV: 81,771/ UU: 67,910

12. Singer-actor Jay-R survives tragic accident in U.S. PV: 79,980/ UU: 64,856

13. More sources confirm Richard Gutierrez airport incident PV: 79,732/ UU: 66,891

14. Angel Locsin confirms breakup with Luis Manzano PV: 78,481/ UU: 63,769

15. Gerald Anderson braves deep-flood waters to check on neighbors PV: 77,456/ UU: 67,271

16. Manny Pacquiao and wife Jinkee reportedly had a big fight over Krista Ranillo (Page 2) PV: 75,884/ UU: 69,406

17. Marian Rivera finally meets fellow Darna Angel Locsin PV: 74,607/ UU: 63,183

18. John Lloyd Cruz and Ruffa Gutierrez "spotted" in a swanky hotel in Beverly Hills PV: 72,427/ UU: 66,057

19. FIRST READ ON PEP: Marian Rivera is the new Darna! PV: 70,480/ UU: 54,948

20. SPOTTED: Marian Rivera and Dingdong Dantes shopping in Singapore PV: 70,395/ UU: 55,440

21. Dingdong Dantes shows his tattoo bearing the letters MGD PV: 70,386/ UU: 64,841

22. PEP EXCLUSIVE: Johnny Manahan speaks up for Willie Revillame PV: 69,609/ UU: 59,630

23. Jomari Yllana confirms breakup with Pops Fernandez PV: 69,599/ UU: 64,856

24. Aubrey Miles finally admits having son with former boyfriend JP Obligacion PV: 69,595/ UU: 65,636

25. Luis Manzano admits ongoing relationship problem with Angel Locsin PV: 66,397/ UU: 60,822

26. Piolo Pascual admits he and KC Concepcion have already dated PV: 65,742/ UU: 59,834

27. (Updated) Master Rapper Francis M succumbs to cancer PV: 63,667/ UU: 56,533

28. (UPDATED) Richard Gutierrez caught in car accident PV: 62,688/ UU: 57,469

29. Photos of Senator Noynoy Aquino's rumored girlfriend spread on the Net PV: 61,029/ UU: 57,692

30. Ruffa Gutierrez confirms paparazzi photos of her and John Lloyd Cruz in L.A. are authentic PV: 58,514/ UU: 49,410


31. Judy Ann Santos and Ryan Agoncillo admit nothing happened on first night PV: 57,563/ UU: 52,730

32. Gladys Reyes talks about how Ryan Agoncillo and Judy Ann Santos rescued her family PV: 57,513/ UU: 54,080

33. Annabelle Rama to John Lloyd Cruz: "Kung in love ka sa anak ko, umamin ka in public!" PV: 57,123/ UU52,411

34. Showbiz industry bets fail to claim crowns at the Binibining Pilipinas 2009 pageant PV: 57,015/ UU: 52,590

35. Boy Abunda gives his take on Manny-Krista rumored affair PV: 55,935/ UU: 52,296

36. Star-sighting in Boracay! PV: 55,387/ UU: 50,600

37. FIRST READ ON PEP: Why did Cristine Reyes leave Banana Split? PV: 55,201/ UU: 48,738

38. (7TH-UPDATE) Broadcaster Ted Failon faces arrest for possible obstruction of justice PV: 55,180/ UU: 49,924

39. Jinkee Pacquiao admits that some women want to get close to Manny because of his success PV: 55,120/ UU: 47,839

40. Manny Pacquiao on rumored affair with Krista Ranillo: No comment. PV: 54,658/ UU: 48,829

41. Angel Locsin reveals birthday gift to boyfriend Luis Manzano PV: 54,478/ UU: 47,278

42. Rufa Mae Quinto lashes out at Showbiz Central co-host Mo Twister in The Buzz PV: 53,022/ UU: 49,588

43. Angel Locsin joins Luis Manzano and his family in Macau PV: 52,695/ UU: 47,352

44. Best Bets for 2009 PV: 52,558/ UU: 45,370

45. Daddy Jun Magdangal confirms breakup of Jolina and Bebong Muñoz PV: 51,697/ UU: 46,924

46. Veteran actor Johnny Delgado succumbs to cancer at 61 PV: 51,678/ UU: 47,120

47. Kris Aquino stays away from Ai-Ai delas Alas PV: 51,450/ UU: 48,353

48. Sen. Mar Roxas and Korina Sanchez finally tie the knot PV: 51,403/ UU: 46,414

49. Mocha comments on rumored affair of kissing-partner Krista Ranillo with boxer Manny Pacquiao PV: 51,385/ UU: 46,807

50. Lorna Tolentino refuses to work with Chin Chin Gutierrez again (part 2) PV: 50,814/ UU: 48,448

51. Ruffa Gutierrez defends Richard Gutierrez against PEP article PV: 50,327/ UU: 43,612

52. Marian Rivera and Carla Abellana cross paths at GMA-7 anniversary PV: 50,257/ UU: 45,565

53. Maricar Reyes appears on ASAP 09 today weeks after Haydens controversial videos came out PV: 50,126/ UU: 44,891

54. Startalk: Ruffa Gutierrez left parents home this morning after intense fight over-rumored liaison PV: 50,042/ UU: 45,677


55. Cristine Reyes out, Katrina Halili in as Fedra in Rosalinda PV: 49,871/ UU: 45,780

56. Kris Aquino will not force reconciliation with Korina Sanchez PV: 49,594/ UU: 46,338

57. Karylle admits inviting ex-boyfriend Dingdong Dantes to her birthday party PV: 49,391/ UU: 43,845

58. Geoff Eigenmann tells main reason for returning to Kapuso network PV: 49,289/ UU: 46,919

59. Dra. Vicki Belo reveals what's in the controversial video of Hayden Kho and Katrina Halili PV: 48,993/ UU: 45,408

60. Family of Ruby Rose Barrameda-Jimenez identifies her remains PV: 48,992/ UU: 44,153

61. Marian Rivera reveals real reason of her breakup with Ervic Vijandre PV: 48,796/ UU: 44,290

62. John Lloyd Cruz tired of explaining real score between him and Ruffa Gutierrez PV: 48,614/ UU: 41,536

63. John Lloyd Cruz complains he is on the losing end on issue with Ruffa and Annabelle PV: 48,519/ UU: 43,624

64. Francis Magalona finally laid to rest PV: 47,881/ UU: 43,633

65. Katrina Halili and Hayden Kho face each other at the Senate hearing PV: 47,685/ UU: 39,591

66. Joey Marquez denies tweet about mall rendezvous with Joanne Quintas PV: 47,642/ UU: 44,938

67. FIRST READ ON PEP: Parents of Heart Evangelista meet with GMA-7 top honcho Atty. Felipe Gozon PV: 47,611/ UU: 43,667

68. JC de Vera reportedly transferring to ABS-CBN PV: 47,590/ UU: 43,789

69. Criticisms mount against Wowowee host Willie Revillame PV: 46,907/ UU: 40,443

70. Katrina Halili finally speaks up about sexy dancing video with Hayden Kho PV: 46,842 / UU: 42,772

71. One Kapamilya and two Kapuso artists among the 24 candidates of Bb. Pilipinas 2009 PV: 46,835/ UU: 43,302

72. Katrina Halili is fast losing jobs left and right PV: 46,369/ UU: 43,451

73. PEP EXCLUSIVE: Kris Aquino will sell her house for Noynoy's campaign PV: 46,292/ UU: 39,555

74. RR Enriquez on Cristine Reyes: Tantanan niya na ako. Galit na ako! PV: 46,166/ UU: 42,124

75. Cristine Reyes admits sending hate text message about Heart Evangelista PV: 45,353/ UU: 42,004

76. Dennis Trillo's first vacation in Boracay turns into tragedy PV: 45,320/ UU: 39,619

77. FIRST READ ON PEP: The grand battle between Ms. Wilma Galvante and Annabelle Rama continues PV: 45,265/ UU: 40,013

78. Angel Locsin and Luis Manzano did not break up PV: 45,063/ UU: 41,504


79. PEP EXCLUSIVE: Johnny Manahan speaks up for Willie Revillame PV: 44,837/ UU: 40,692

80. Bea Alonzo vehemently denies video of any kind with Hayden Kho PV: 44,755/ UU: 42,106

81. Pops Fernandez shocked by her breakup with Jomari Yllana PV: 44,173/ UU: 40,611

82. Short-haired Lucy Torres sizzles on the cover of Preview PV: 44,080/ UU: 39,132

83. Richard Gutierrez files P25 million libel case against PEP PV: 43,812/ UU: 38,798

84. Lolit Solis gives detailed commentary on Hayden Kho video scandal PV: 43,742/ UU: 37,997

85. Ted Failon's wife, Trinidad Etong, passes away PV: 43,715/ UU: 38,363

86. Boyet Fajardo to face probable legal action by Duty Free Philippines employees PV: 43,561/ UU: 37,867

87. RR Enriquez on Cristine Reyes: "Tantanan niya na ako. Galit na ako!" (part 2) PV: 43,284/ UU: 36,255

88. Sock it to me, says Dingdong Dantes on recent flak hurled at Marian Rivera PV: 43,038/ UU: 38,146

89. Kris Aquino explains declaration that Kim Chiu is the No. 1 Young Actress today PV: 43,000/ UU: 40,208

90. Richard Gomez explains his surprise appearance in Wowowee PV: 42,990/ UU: 41,022

91. Former employee of Belo Clinic is the missing piece in Hayden-Vicki breakup PV: 42,865/ UU: 39,765

93. Angel Locsin and Luis Manzano finally meet four months after they broke up PV: 42,619/ UU: 36,969

94. Yilmaz Bektas keeps in touch with ex-wife Ruffa Gutierrez PV: 42,555/ UU: 39,847

95. Marian Rivera finally meets fellow Darna Angel Locsin (part 2) PV: 42,470/ UU: 39,989

96. 13 year-old girl accuses Aljur Abrenica of committing lascivious acts PV: 42,411/ UU: 38,043

97. Dingdong Dantes says trip with Marian Rivera in Singapore and Malaysia strengthened their relationship PV: 41,997/ UU: 35,601

98. James Yap surprises Kris Aquino on their fourth wedding anniversary PV: 41,987/ 39,840

99. Gina Alajar reveals she used to be in Jinkee Pacquiao's shoes PV: 41,887/ UU: 38,141

100. Krista Ranillo's camp planning when and how to answer rumor on affair with Manny Pacquiao PV: 41,806/ UU: 37,524





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