Kris Bernal: Laid back living


The female lead star of The Last Prince lets YES!— and this time around, PEP—take a peek inside her 400 square-meter kingdom!

(YES! 2008 Celebrity Homes Special)

Even a tiring trip from Pampanga does not sap Kris Bernal of her adolescent energy. Despite the lack of sleep, the young actress, who starred in the GMA-7 telenovela Dyesebel, managed to joke around with the YES! crew taking pictures of her home. When asked about the design of her bedroom, Kris described how her bedroom looked before, emphasizing the huge difference between then and now, adding, "Feel ko kaya ko na maging independent!"

While walking around their humble Quezon City home, one can sense that there's something about the Bernals' residence that would make anyone feel welcome. It's reminiscent of visiting a friend's house in the neighborhood—there is nothing at all pretentious about this teen star's 400-square-meter property.

The young star and her family have been living in this bungalow since 1988. When Kris decided to take on the glitz and glamour of show business last year, her mother Analyn, on the other hand, thought it was high time to give their family home a makeover.

It was September last year when they started to update the look of their house. Interestingly enough, the whole renovation process soon became a family affair: they did their research and consulted with each other.

The drab wall colors were later replaced by warmer palettes. Kris, for her part, decided to go against the prevailing design philosophy her family was pursuing—she wanted her bedroom to be filled with pink. "Naiilang pa nga sila sa kulay ng wallpaper ko e, ang sakit daw sa mata," Kris quips.


Just like any family, they may have differences of opinion on certain things, but at the end of the day, the Bernals appear to be happy with what they did to their house. It's a satisfaction and contentment that radiates outward to even ordinary passerby: As the day comes to a halt, kids gather round the gate, asking for Kris's autograph. Kris goes out and happily accedes to their request, not as a celebrity but as a longtime ate—the neighborhood girl who did well for herself.





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