Rock band Paramore "decodes" what makes Pinoys tick


Fans of Paramore went wild when they heard the American rock band play "Decode," their song that was included in the soundtrack of the hit vampire movie Twilight


American rock band Paramore pumped up the SM Mall of Asia concert grounds last Tuesday, March 9 as they staged the final leg of their tour before flying home to the U.S.

Lead vocalist Hayley Williams, bassist Jeremy Davis, guitarist Taylor York, drummer Zac Farro, and replacement lead guitarist Justin York rocked the night with hit songs that carved a name for the band in the international rock scene. Taylor's brother Justin stood in for lead guitarist Josh Farro, who stayed behind in the States to prepare for his upcoming wedding.

Local rock group Callalily opened the show with "Sunduan." Soon after, Paramore entered the stage, sending the audience into deafening screams.

The band jumpstarted the night with "Ignorance," a song off their new album Brand New Eyes. They followed it up with a couple of chart-topping hits from their second album Riot! such as "CrushCrushCrush" and "That's What You Get."

Lead vocalist Hayley Williams was so overjoyed by the warm welcome that she yelled to the crowd below, "It's a mighty big show for our first time to Manila, Philippines! You guys rule!"

The next few songs had the band's trademark edgy tunes electrifying the crowd even more: "Looking Up," "Careful," "Let The Flames Begin," and "Never Let This Go." At this point, Hayley stopped to grab her yellow tambourine from the stage and played along with the band's rocking melodies. She also picked up a few bracelets made by fans who tossed them over the stage. Hayley profusely thanked the sea of Paramore supporters who rocked with them that Tuesday night.


After a string of rock songs, the band softened the mood with a love song called "The Only Exception," which they had recently released in a music video. Upon hearing the familiar guitar overture, the fans instantly raised their cell phones up in the air, waved them in unison and sang along.

Following the mellow breather, Paramore went for the edgy rock tunes again, this time singing "Pressure," "For a Pessimist, I'm Pretty Optimistic" and "Where The Lines Overlap."

During one of her spiels, Hayley spotted some placards paraded by fans below and took interest in one of the catchy messages. She read the written note aloud which said, "Hayley, would you go to the ball with me?" The blonde vocalist was delighted and joked around with the audience, even nudging the rest of the band to chime in.

The band capped the concert with "Decode," their contribution to the soundtrack of the hit vampire movie Twilight. Fans in the crowd went wild as soon as they heard the melody. After the performance, Paramore hastily exited the stage, but the audience clamored for an encore.

Minutes later, the American rock band re-emerged and sang a couple of songs: "Misery Business" from their second album, and "Brick by Boring Brick" from their third and new album.

They ended the night by throwing some memorabilia towards the audience, including Hayley's dark-rimmed glasses, Zac's drumsticks and some other items that were snatched up eagerly by fans.

Around 10 p.m., the concert was over.


Paramore also visited Japan, Australia, New Zealand and Singapore during their tour. This April, the rock band will kick off their U.S. tour, covering several states in their home country.





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