FHM lists the Top 25 Sexiest Women of the Decade


FHM's Sexiest Woman for 2009 Cristine Reyes is thankful for the new plum prize. "I am so flattered that I am part of the list! Thank you for all the love and support! I love all the supporters and readers!" she said.

This March, FHM, the country's number one men's magazine, is successfully turning 10. And the best way to celebrate this milestone is to award the most sizzling ladies who nursed it on its way to the top.

In FHM X, a special collector's edition just for the season, the magazine's hardworking staff listed their choices for the Top 25 hotties who defined FHM's first decade, handpicked from over 1000 women who posed for the magazine since 2000.

The condition? The girl must be very, very, very hot to have appeared on FHM's cover at least once.

Ready? You can now buy the magazine, available in bookstores and magazine stands nationwide. For the meantime, you can read the list below.

  1. Cristine Reyes
  2. Katrina Halili
  3. Angelica Panganiban
  4. Assunta de Rossi
  5. Dina Bonnevie
  6. Bianca King
  7. Iwa Moto
  8. Diana Zubiri
  9. Valerie Concepcion
  10. Rufa Mae Quinto
  11. Cindy Kurleto
  12. Sunshine Cruz
  13. Ehra Madrigal
  14. Patricia Javier
  15. Cristina Garcia
  16. Angel Locsin
  17. Eula Valdes
  18. Jean Garcia
  19. Joyce Jimenez
  20. The Viva Hot Babes (Maui Taylor, Katya Santos, and Asia Agcaoili)
  21. Francine Prieto
  22. Maureen Larrazabal
  23. Jackie Rice
  24. Aubrey Miles
  25. Bangs Garcia

HEY THERE, SEXY. PEP.ph asked the lovely ladies how they feel about being part of the 25 hotties who defined a decade of FHM. Here are their answers.

Rufa Mae Quinto: "I never really thought that I am sexy! Haha...! Thanks to all the guys out there for giving me the inspiration, strength and perseverance to maintain my sexiness not only to my body but also to my heart, mind and soul! I love you FHM! I love all the people! Thanks!"

Jackie Rice: "The world is a big place and there are a lot of beautiful women in it, so I feel honored! Im sure any man or woman would be flattered being called one of the sexiest! I don't see why I have to justify myself being happy about being called sexy, I feel elated about it. Sexy is not about wearing sexy clothes, its about knowing sexiness is a state of mind!"


Bianca King: "I am very flattered!!! Thank you to all the FHM readers!"

Aubrey Miles: "I am very proud for being in the 25 sexiest and inspired at the same time, this recognition makes me work harder... its all worth it!"

Jean Garcia: "Its just amazing how FHM put together the sexiest women in their pages, but making me part of the top 25—of the decade? I feel great, I feel a bit queasy, I feel honored, and yeah, I feel sexy about it! Not too many women or moms like me realize that its never about your age, our your status in life. My secret is simple: it's about how you love and give importance to yourself and making sure that you're also loved!"

Iwa Moto: "I am flattered and honored! I didn't expect to be chosen as one of the sexiest of the decade. I am very happy to be part of the list!"

Cristine Reyes: "I am so flattered that I am part of the list! Thank you for all the love and support! I love all the supporters and readers!"

Eula Valdes: "I feel elated being noticed. Though I don't work out and watch my health to please anybody, I do it for myself and my kids. I want to do a lot of outdoor sports with them!"





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