Sam Milby explains how he got Anne Curtis an iPad


A treasured friendship and the will to beat the odds at finding the latest technology for his ex-girlfriend was a challenge for actor-singer Sam Milby. But as we all know right now (and thanks to Anne's Twitter), he was successful in making a girl happy with the latest from Apple Computers.

Anne Curtis has been on cloud nine ever since she got her gift from ex-boyfriend Sam Milby. Her Twitter account revealed that she received an iPad from the singer-actor who went to the U.S. for the Heartthrobs concert.

"I got a hint that she did want the iPad," he told The Buzz in an interview yesterday, April 11. "So when I was in the States, e, lumabas siya mga April 3, and it was also the playdate of our movie [Babe, I Love You]. Ayun, I just got it for her and gustong-gusto niya."

How exactly did he get the iPad, considering that it was a little difficult to acquire one due to its fast-sell rate in the U.S.?

"Actually, the fans helped me," Sam admitted. "The fans helped in Dallas, so thank you!"

When Anne got the gift from him, Sam related the words that came from Anne. "Sam, I love it!" he told The Buzz hosts Boy Abunda and Kris Aquino.


"'Sam, I love it and I love you!' Walang ganoon?" asked Boy.

Sam smiled sheepishly and said, "Sana may ganyan, but wala! Haha!"

That said, why is it that both Sam and Anne are afraid of their renewed friendship? Do both still have some things to change from their earlier experiences as a couple?

"We're just friends. We already have been a through a lot and there is change and maturity now," Sam explained.


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