PEP EXCLUSIVE: Birthday boy Luis Manzano gets injured while training in Muay Thai


Luis Manzano said he will not be celebrating his birthday tomorrow, April 21, with a party. Especially now, with his injury. "Wala siguro... Parang never wanted to throw parties..." However, he is very happy with the good reception Pilipinas Got Talent has been receiving from TV viewers. "We are happy it's well-received. But we believe that we shouldn't be greedy. There's still more talent to discover," the actor-TV host said.&l

With MYX, ASAP XV, and Pilipinas Got Talent among the many things keeping Luis Manzano busy nowadays, he still manages to squeeze in things he really loves doing.

Like working out, doing Muay Thai and hanging around with friends.

In his YouTube account, he posted two new videos of his Muay Thai training and a video of himself playing a prank on a friend. (CLICK HERE to watch videos.)

But yesterday, Luis posted in his Facebook that he injured himself.

"I have a pulled hamstring," Luis said in his FB chat with PEP (Philippine Entertainment Portal). "I got it from doing a very high roundhouse kick."

"A pulled hamstring, also called a hamstring strain, is a tear of the hamstring muscle fibers. The hamstring muscle is a group of large, powerful muscles that span the back of the thigh, from the lower pelvis to the back of the shin bone. In less severe hamstring strains, Grade I injuries, the tearing is microscopic. The muscle fibers are essentially stretched too far, and some bleeding occurs within the muscle. In very severe hamstring strains, severe Grade III injuries, the hamstring muscle can completely rupture, and may require surgery to repair the torn ends of the muscle." (from, under Hamstring Injury by Jonathan Cluett, M.D.)


Although Luis has not yet paid the doctor a visit, he said his injury might just be a Stage I [Grade I] tear, and that his work will not be affected by this injury. "Not naman, just limping."

PILIPINAS GOT TALENT. Luis and buddy Billy Crawford are doing a good job spicing up Pilipinas Got Talent with their funny antics and hosting. PEP asked Luis if he has any favorite or unforgettable contestant in the show.

"Di puwede. Objective dapat," Luis answered. "Each contestant has a different story. So far, all are special."

The 28-year-old actor and TV host is happy with the good ratings the show has been enjoying.

"We are happy it's well-received. But we believe that we shouldn't be greedy. There's still more talent to discover," Luis said.

Tomorrow, April 21, will be Luis's 29th birthday, but Gov. Vilma Santos-Recto and Edu Manzano's only son said he's not sure he will be celebrating tomorrow, especially, now with his injury.


"Wala siguro... Parang, never wanted to throw parties..."

Since Luis doesn't intend to celebrate, PEP asked for his birthday wish instead.

"Wala... Whatever God deems worthy," Luis briefly replied.


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