Cosmo Girls had a blast on their first eyeball


Starstruck graduates (top) Ian Batherson and Piero Vergara, with models (bottom) Joseph Boustani, Michael Acura, Adam Ibrahim, and Bryann Foronda—did a good job in eliciting giggles and cheers from the fun, fearless females of CLICK HERE to view the gallery.

What happens when a group of fun, fearless females and a few hunks are gathered under one roof?

A party like no other!

That was the scene last May 22, when members had their very first eyeball at the Fuel bar in The Fort, Taguig City.

Trixie Reyna, the managing editor of, said the event came about due to the active participation of the site's online members.

"Our online members kasi have been active in our Fun Fearless Forum and siyempre, while they are there, they got to know each other, they get to talk with each other, but they don't get to see each other in person. And the online members have always wanted to meet the Cosmo team, so we thought this could be the perfect opportunity since anniversary month ng Cosmo, na magkita-kita ang online members," she said.

THE FEW WHO WERE CHOSEN. The hot chicks who recieved exclusive invites were the most active members in the site's activities and forums.

Trixie related, "We had a promo, basta lahat ng most active members namin starting noong January this year, yun yung parang 70 most active namin, sila yung eligible for the promo."

WHAT'S IN IT FOR THE LADIES? It was all about getting dolled up, meeting people, chatting, partying, and playing the games—like the Funny Bones, where several pairs had to connect their body parts; Banana Snack–the blindfolded guys were asked to feed the girls with bananas; Marshmallow Kiss–the guys had to pass mallows using their mouth; Mark Your Man–ladies were asked to leave kiss marks on the hot bods of shirtless guys.

All in the spirit of fun!

And the's hunks—Starstruck graduates Prince Stefan, Ian Batherson, and Piero Vergara, with models Michael Acura, Joseph Boustani, Bryann Foronda and Adam Ibrahim—did a good job in eliciting giggles and cheers from the ladies.


After the games,the dance floorwas officially opened, and free drinks were served—courtesy ofManny O Wines and Koliakov Vodka.

It was supposed to end at 9:00 p.m. But most people left close to midnight, exclaiming, "Dapat may part two!"





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