Timeless wedding themes for brides-to-be


"Now, the brides can really do whatever they want. The industry is growing so much. For me, it's actually a very good time to be a bride because, maybe 10 years ago, you didn't have so many options," says Metro Weddings editor-in-chief Michelle Katigbak-Alejandro (not in photo) about the worry-free wedding preparations for future brides. In this photo, Cheska Garcia-Kramer poses for the Glamour theme of the magazine.

Brides can never go out of style anymore.

This was the primary message of Metro Weddings magazine's commemorative exhibit called "10th," displayed last week at the South Court of Power Plant Mall in Makati City.

As part of its 10th anniversary celebration, the magazine showcased 10 timeless wedding themes that are a hit for bride-to-be Filipinas.

"We have several of the new ones, which are collaborations of our photographers, stylists, and past cover brides. All these cover brides collaborated and went back to bridal gowns, so to speak, to celebrate the anniversary with us. Then, we partnered it with out previous covers throughout the year," described editor-in-chief Michelle Katigbak-Alejandro during the launch of the exhibit last July 13.

She continued, "Over the years, we've had several kinds of bridal themes. In each magazine, we actually have three to four themes, which are inspirations for brides. The ones that we've noticed with the most comments, these were the ones here. For example, I feel that in these ten themes, each bride falls in there. For example, we have classic, modern, seaside—of course, in the Philippines, beach weddings are very popular—we have country or garden, enchanting... [We have] everything-from the old to the new, we put it all together."

Michelle said that future brides now have more freedom to choose their own wedding theme.

"Now, the brides can really do whatever they want," she said. "The industry is growing so much. For me, it's actually a very good time to be a bride because, maybe 10 years ago, you didn't have so many options. Especially in the Philippines, there was a certain way a wedding has to be, it's only that way. Now, you can have all-black wedding which you've never heard of before. I think in one of our past issues, we had Star Wars theme. Weddings have become grand production."


Aside from choosing a theme, the preparation for the big day is not that hard anymore for the brides-to-be.

The wedding magazine editor said, "There's so many choices. For me, brides these days really have to have an idea of what they want and they can get overwhelmed. Before, there was like only a few photographers, a few makeup artist or designers. Now, there's so many and they continue to grow everyday—new designers, new makeup artists, new photographers."

The themes showed in the exhibit were vintage, romantic, classic, modern, glamour, urban, seaside, bohemian, country and couture.





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