Sharon Cuneta to showcase Megadrama at the Big Dome on August 7


Spotlight will be on Filipino music in the upcoming Megadrama concert of Sharon Cuneta. "Tamang-tama kasi, my last CD which is entitled Musika at Pag-ibig, puro OPM yun, mga remake, mga original...Parang maganda na sumunod naman yung concert..." Her directors will be Mega's "personal favorite" Rowell Santiago and Mr. M, Johnny Manahan, for TV. Her musical director will be Louie Ocampo.

Sharon Cuneta's upcoming concert is dubbed Megadrama, but she immediately clarified: "Masaya ang dramang ito."

It's different from the award-winning roles she portrayed in the past, and far from the battles she faced in real life.

Moving on, she related, "Ang makakasama ko dito...Maiba naman ba na merong seryosong pagkanta, merong parang jamming, at merong nakakatuwa. Nandito sina Ms. Kuh Ledesma, my dear dear friend Zsa Zsa Padilla, my BFF [Best Friend Forever] Ai-Ai delas Alas, Pokwang, and our very special guest Ogie Alcasid, with a very special appearance by my baby girl Sarah Geronimo."

Initially, the concert title was Mega Diva, but the Megastar rejected it simply because "hindi ako diva."

Shawie (her nickname) continued, "Ang dami ng diva, nakakahiya naman, nakisingit pa ako. 'Tapos nag-pi-feeling Mega...Diva na Mega, ang kapal! Sabi ko, ibahin naman natin, so naisip nila Megadrama. We agreed on it, pero hindi dahil contrary to its definition, ito nga yung kabaligtaran, hindi siya yung sobrang seryosong drama. [Ito ay] dramang nakakatuwa, and the bottom line is, maiba naman...Usually kasi, I do straight concert, ganyan...So, we wanted something with guests..."

SOMETHING FUNNY. "Maiba naman," she tipped off, would not mean displaying her dancing prowess. People should look forward to her concert for just one reason: "Papayat ako."

What's her target weight?

"Border line anorexic...Gusto ko marinig sa inyo yung, 'Uy, Shawie, kumain ka na,'" an answer that elicited laughter from the media and press people. Not content with her earlier statement, she resumed, "Kasi narinig ko na yun years ago...Alam ako ni Lord, e, sabi niya siguro, 'Itong batang 'to, halos binibigay ko ang lahat. Pahihirapan ko lang sa pagpapapayat, kasi alam ko ito, e. [Kung payat 'to], magbi-bikini 'to, araw-araw kahit nasa simbahan."


What's her effective diet?

"Naku, yun ang masakit, hindi ko masabi. Baka magkagulo na naman, kawawa naman ang anak ko [KC Concepcion], kawawa naman sila Bea [Alonzo], di ba? Kawawa naman si Anne [Curtis] pag pumayat ako, parang mawawalan sila ng trabaho," then laughing, "Dahil ako lang ang may karapatang mag-bold...Kapal ng mukha. Hahaha!"

Not many people get to see this comic side of Shawie, who's more commonly described as sweet and generous. But during presscons and concerts, out comes her her knack for making the people laugh nonstop.

She shared, "Yun ang aking favorite yung pinapatawa ko sila, giving them a good time. Yung pera nila worth all the pag-ipon and paggastos."

Turning pensive, she brought up the "pagpapapayat" again and said she wants to be serious this time. So many projects are in the offing, and she's "just about ready to jump out of my feet and hit the ground running."

Back to the concert, it will be a night of hearing the masters' "best of their bests" and looking forward to surprises.

For one, she's finally going to sing "Bakit Ba Ganyan," which was popularized by Dina Bonnevie, but initially intended for one of Shawie's albums. In connection with the repertoire, she enjoined fans, "Abangan nila yung flow. Ang cute, kasi may narration pa..."

NEVER STOPS LEARNING. For a lady who holds the distinction of being the only Pinay to fill the 6,300-seater Shrine Auditorium seven times, does she still ask herself—where am I now as a singer?


She replied, "Yeah, always...Also as an actress, also as a wife, also as a mother, and also as a student...[I'm on] L.O.A. [Leave of Absence] sa dami ng pinagkakaabalahan. I think when you stop asking that question, you stop growing, and that's the beginning of an end...You never give up, and you never stop learning."

Sharon has been singing for more than three decades. Does competition still figure in her vocabulary?

"The singers who aspire to be good and those who just keep on getting better earn my admiration. Iba-iba naman kasi ng istilo at genre," she said.

She's aware that her singing style is for "easy listening," and the Megastar is not at all insecure about the "birit boses" of the other singers. "I love to sing, and I always sing from the heart," she stated.

Lastly, is there still drama in her personal life?

"Wala nang drama... Medyo bored na nga ako, e, kaya nagpapapayat na ako para magkagulo naman ng konti," she quipped, then related:

"My children, my family, they make me happy. The best time of the day is when I wake up. Gustung-gusto ko yung tatlong anak ko dinadaganan ako, 'tapos si Miguel [her adopted son] nakikisali pa. My favorite time is when we're all together."

And her megadrama for her concert?

"I want to make my audience as happy as, or much happier than, the last time," she assured.





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