Family Matters: Charlene with Atasha and Andres


Charlene—here with Andres and Atasha—says the twins are not too keen on having another baby in the family: "Whenever we joke around, 'Do you want another baby?'—'No! We don't want another baby!' Ayaw nila. I don't know if jealous is the right word. Kasi we're very close to them. 'Yong oras na 'binibigay namin sa kanila, gusto nila sa kanila lang. Even if we joke around about it, ayaw nila. Gusto nila talaga, sila lang daw. So siguro, not n

Aga Muhlach's twins, Andres and Atasha, have appeared in a number of TV commercials—but their mother, Charlene Gonzalez, says they still seem unaware that they are already celebrities in their own right.

The former beauty queen recalls a time when a group of fans saw the twins: "May isang car na dumaan, and the girls in the car started screaming when they saw them. And then sabi nina Andres and Atasha, 'See? They're looking at us because I'm guwapo, I'm maganda!'

The twins don't even seem to have an idea that their parents belong to showbiz royalty. "Sometimes," Charlene says, "they would come home and tease: 'You know, somebody wants a picture of you, Daddy! They want your autograph, Mr. Aga Muhlach! They want your autograph! Hahaha! Daddy! Mama! Can I have your autograph?' And then they would laugh and joke about it!"

Apart from the occasional encounters with screaming fans, the seven-year-old twins live a normal life. Their proud mom says that
the two did well in Grade One this past schoolyear (2009), and that their teachers were very happy with their progress. For the coming schoolyear, however, Aga and Charlene have decided to send the twins to different schools.

"We think it's a fresh welcome for the both of them," Charlene explains. "We feel kasi that since they're twins, ever since they were made and inside my womb, magkasama na sila. So it's a nice welcome na kahit sa school man lang, magkahiwalay sila, so that they have their own sense of individuality. Later on in life, hindi ko rin masasabi kung magsasama sila sa school ulit. But at this point, I think Aga and I are trying to see just how they would do away from one another."





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