Christine Jacob-Sandejas's favorite scent is a real buy


"This is what life is all about. Having kids, having a family, taking care of somebody. This is what makes you a person," Christine Jacob- Sandejas says after taking on so many roles as a professional swimmer, model, newscaster, and TV host.

Professional swimmer, model, and TV host Christine Jacob-Sandejas revealed that baby cologne is her staple scent. She even wore it on her wedding day.

"I'm not into the strong smelling scent so, I really like baby cologne. That is the cologne I wore on my wedding day...I have invested in thousands of pesos when it comes to scent but my husband never makes pansin, ignores it.

"But the minute I use my baby cologne, he says, 'You smell so good,' so wala na talaga. Hanggang baby cologne na talaga ako," the mom of five told Philippine Entertainment Portal (PEP ) in an exclusive interview during the press conference of Downy Attraction and Passion series last Monday, August 30, at the Manila Peninsula Hotel in Makati City.

She added, "Baby cologne is something that I can just put on any time of the day."

When she was still single, she was a fan of Kate Spade and Bvlgari, but she veered away from strong scents because of her active lifestyle.


MOM IS SPORTY. Keeping fit is easy for Christine. She has her usual routine as a mom and regular time for exercise.

"Aside from running for five kids and a husband, yung hatid sundo and all of those things. I'm very hands-on. I play tennis, a lot of tennis, and I do yoga, I run...I'm really, really very active. Parang it is in my system na to be always active," she said.

Her husband of ten years, businessman Paco Sandejas, also leads an active lifestyle. "This morning, my husband and I ran before coming to work. It's like saying, 'Honey do you wanna run with me,'" Christine shared like a blushing teenager.

MOM IS NOT VAIN. Since she loves the outdoors, the sun takes its toll on her skin. "That's really bad because I am always under the sun. So, I'm not a really good example when it comes to skin care because I do all the bad things," she confessed.


When she was younger, her concept of beauty followed the dark-is-beautiful principle. "I feel pretty when I'm dark. I'm not happy when I'm white," the 43-year-old TV personality said.

But these days, Christine has to follow a beauty regimen: "I have to go to my derma, and I have to do Retin A. Now, I have to use sunblock and all of these things that I really don't like. So, I'm paying the price. I really love the sun kasi."

MOM IS FAMOUS? Her kids—Paolo, 10; Gabby, 9; Nina, 7; Luis, 4; Jaime, 1—are now taking swimming lessons three times a week.

They're unaware of their mom's celebrity status. Christine says they would often ask her things like, "Why do they know you?" and "Why did they ask for your autograph?"

Although she gained popularity as a noontime game-show host, the former swimming champ now prefers hosting lifestyle and family-oriented shows.

Juggling her career as a TV host and full-time job as a mom, she said the latter makes her feel contented and fulfilled. "This is what life is all about. Having kids, having a family, taking care of somebody. This is what makes you a person."



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