From Head to Toe: Bianca Valerio

"I don't buy anything expensive, I really believe in the mantra that you don't have to spend a lot to look good," Bianca said. In another instant, she exclaimed, "Diyos ko, ang mahal ng tuition! Kelangan mag-tipid!," the independent single mom said.

Host, model, and makeup artist Bianca Valerio looks like she just came from a luxury store, looking polished and made up during the press conference of Tupperware brands yesterday, September 7, at Bahia Rooftop in Intercontinental Hotel, Makati City.

But, the model said "ukay-ukays" (thrift stores) in Baguio are her shopping haven. "But ukays in Baguio are so expensive na din," the host exclaimed.

"And in ukay, you are assured that you don't have anyone na kaparehas ng sa iyo, because practically the owner of that item is dead already, "the bubbly host quipped.

Acting as the host for that afternoon, Bianca had all the audience glued to her by donning her red-accentuated attire complementing her bubbly personality.

Her white, floral dress with red accents is from Zara, which she said was just a gift to her. The model's red shoes is from Russ, which she bought from the States. Complementing her "sky-high" shoes is a vintage bag owned by her late grandmother. "It is very special to me so that it is my favorite even if it looks really old," she said while showing the traces of its vintage appeal to PEP (Philippine Entertainment Portal).


"I don't buy anything expensive," Bianca shared. She added, "I really believe in the mantra that you don't have to spend a lot to look good".

In fact, she said, her earrings only cost PHP35.00, a souvenir item she bought from Bohol.

Being a makeup artist, she also cuts expenses by doing her own makeup for her shows, and for events and parties she attends.

"There's only one person who cuts and colors my hair, who is Danica Talbos from Emphasis salon, so he has been responsible for all my hair transformation, so without him...lost," Bianca confessed when asked about her hair care.


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