Why Marian Rivera should keep mum...


THE PULSE: Most PEPsters are glad that Marian Rivera has chosen the path of silence. But there is a downside to her decision—the accusations against her have not been resolved.

The comfort room incident almost reached the courts.

Marian Rivera was asked to issue an apology for allegedly harassing and bullying Bela Padilla, her co-star in Endless Love.

But the 26-year-old actress did not give any explanation. "Ayaw niyang palakihin ang issue," said a person very close tothe girlfriend of Dingdong Dantes.

Recent POLL results agreed with Marian's decision. Out of the 1,297 respondents, 53.59 percent said "Hindi na dapat sagutin ang akusasyon."

In the midst of a controversy, stars keep mum because it's a natural defense mechanism and it's effective for two reasons: There is dignity in silence and silence, often times, conceals the truth.

The rest of the respondents, some 46 percent, said they wanted to hear the full story.

Did Marian really tell off someone: "Ang landi-landi mo! Ang pangit-pangit mo!" and then locked that person in the comfort room?

These are not mild accusations. Whether they are true or not, some PEPsters believe the public deserves to know.



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