KC Concepcion shares how she conquers stress


KC Concepcion has been leading an active lifestyle since she was a child. She tried figure ice skating, dancing, and even diving where she ended up with a broken nose. In a previous interview with PEP, she related: "Nag-dive ako, akala ko malalim, e, ang babaw pala. Ayun, pak!!! Yung ilong ko ang sumubsob."

"Hello po!" KC Concepcion greets her viewers each morning on her show Simply KC.

It doesn't matter if she just came from a showbiz commitment or slept only a few hours the night before. The minute she faces the spotlight, she smiles and looks good!

At the launch of Palmolive Naturals Aromavitality, a variant of the shampoo she endorses, her bubbly opening is, "Try niyo magtanggal ng stress!"

She does a short dance routine, and then a tête-à-tête about feeling good no matter how nerve-racking a situation may be.

1. Dancing is a way to de-stress, says KC.

"I love to dance," she begins. "I started with the figure skating when I was nine years old—a lot of people are aware of that. I was competitive for five years. Until I was 13. I came home—by that time wala pang rink, I got into dancing."

She recounts how those grooves and moves became more than a hobby. "I danced happily in high school. We did compete in Malaysia, Singapore, Taiwan, and Kuala Lumpur, and we had 29 dances until I got into showbiz..."

Why she got hooked:

"It sort of nourishes your spirit. When you're moving and feeling the music, you forget about the time, the worries, everything...It makes you happy."

2. Her active lifestyle: Exercise, sports, and traveling

The daughter of Gabby Concepcion and Sharon Cuneta describes herself as a "master of exercise."

Aside from keeping in shape, KC exercises for relaxation. But more than that,

"Honestly, I am into cycling and scuba-diving now, and at the same time, I like driving, I like to go on road trips, long drive."

Given the chance, she'd like to travel more, but for now, "I just enjoy the view here and the wonders of the sea."

3. Hair care is a must-do in her grooming list.


Staying under the sun and styling cause too much stress on her hair and scalp, so she makes sure she uses a brand that has a refreshing scent and protective function.

She explains, "Honestly this is really...Ito totoo talaga ito, Palmolive is always my choice kasi, it's always mabango. I've been saying this since kanina pa, talagang mabango siya. It lasts kahit nasa araw ka the whole day. Mayroon siyang bango na lumalabas with heat when 'yong scalp mo, medyo umiinit, mas bumabango 'yong shampoo.

"The one, the Aromavitality has essential oil of rose petal... And under the sun, my work, siyempre di ba kukulutin, may split-ends, so it's the oil that also protects [her hair]."

KC gives another hair-care tip, which comes in handy for those who blow dry and curl their hair a lot.

"I'll tell you, naks, may formula. When I'm doing a photo shoot, Celeste Tuviera, my hair dresser taught me that hair should not be so [wound up] kasi nagbubuhol 'yong mga rollers [dahil sa] force ng hair..."

And to keep natural oil inthe scalp:

"I don't use conditioner when I have photo shoot. It's just shampoo. But sometimes, I wash it at night and I leave it overnight, then I don't wash it on the morning. So, it keeps whatever oil na natira habang tulog ako. But on a normal day, siyempre, kahit twice or thrice a day [mag-conditioner]."

4. The scent of oil invigorates her senses.

"I hardly use perfume anywhere. I just get that oil, I just carry it around—mostly, peppermint or lavender—it serves as my perfume."

She says it reminds her of aromatherapy, defined in the book The Practice of Aromatherapy as "a form of alternative medicine that uses essential oils for the purpose of altering a person's mind, mood, cognitive function or health."


5. She spends time with people closest to her heart.

The Kapamilya host-actress relates, "I have my group of girlfriends that are non-showbiz, outside showbiz, that I've known from elementary days, and then high school days, and college days. Parang I meet with my other friends, kung meron akong group of friends, from outside the showbiz talaga...And of course, there are a few here [in the business]."

She also gets to relax when she's with her cousins. "Ay, naku, nakaka-relax...They play tennis...I never caught on to tennis, but we eat, we watch movies, make music videos, sometimes we cry together sa mga senti moments din. Kasi, together, ako 'yong taga-gawa, kinu-compose ko, merong music na tumutugtog, uma-acting kami."

KC adds that she does "pole dancing" with her aunt Ciara Sotto.

6. Simply KC enriches her life.

"For now until October 20, I am lucky [to do] season 2. It's really been a very educational experience. Every guest, every person na i-interview-hin ko, a totally different package, a totally different...meron dalang sariling kuwento.

"Iba't ibang tao 'yong nakakausap ko, I truly enjoy. Parang umaalis ako sa studio after a day of taping six episodes, many different guests in less than 15-20 hours...These days, we're more on guestings sa field..." KC narrates.

Her face lights up as she talks about waking up each morning and working with "the best team of writers, researchers, crew."

The 25-year-old celebrity further says, "It requires a lot of energy, pero I have I'm really happy with what's going on right now."

When asked about her dream guests, "Tito Boy [Abunda] and Tita Kris [Aquino], pero riot 'yon, malamang."

Lastly, when asked if she has a special someone, "I am not dating. If that what's you're asking, I'll answer you straight."





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