Daphne Osena-Paez lives the harmonious life she talks about as TV lifestyle host


Daphne, who has been tagged as the Lifestyle Show Diva, surely knows what good living is all about. She lives contentedly with a successful career and a solid family life.

In show business, her name is associated with the Good Life.

Daphne Osena-Paez is the face behind ABS-CBN's Urbanzone. She is also one of the trio who started the defunct women-oriented show F!, alongside Angel Aquino and Cher Calvin. She was also the main host of QTV-11's Proudly Filipina.

Daphne shared how she managed to maintain a quiet life even with a career that's bound to be under public scrutiny.

In an exclusive interview at the "Forever Olay" luncheon recently at the Manila Peninsula Hotel in Makati City, as one of the brand's ambassadors, Daphne told PEP (Philippine Entertainment Portal) that her career on TV is not out of desire for celebrity status.

"My being on the television all these years, obviously is not to be a celebrity, not to be sikat, not to have a manager and be a showbiz person. It was just a bonus," she said.

TV BREAKTHROUGH. She related that her TV career is accidental but her love for storytelling enabled her to jumpstart her life in the business.

She was working as a professional urban planner in Canada after acquiring a degree in Arts History and Urban Planning from the University of Toronto.

When an opportunity came to produce a show for news and current affairs in ABS-CBN, Daphne was initially part of the creative team.

Daphne said that her flair for design and creativity helped propel her career in TV as a lifestyle show host.

"I did this thing called video postcards. I did it for free. I filmed it in my own camera. I edited it at night. I waited at the parking lot for Gabby Lopez [ABS-CBN Chairman] to show him my product; and then they believed me and because of that I got F!. It was nothing. But it was my one product that really brought out my creativity and my love for the television," she recalled.


Daphne didn't take that break for granted. As one of the hosts of the show, Daphne had to go the mile learning the nitty- gritty of the show.

"So when I was discovered by accident in ABS-CBN, I used that opportunity to learn the language of television. I learned how to write for TV. I learned how to produce. I learned how to film. I learned how to edit," Daphne recounted.

Her being hands-on actually helped her hone her craft and provided a strong foundation for her longetivity in the business, "So, I actually edited my own segments in F, you know?

"And I think why am I doing this? I could just sit back and be a host, get a manager and get a life, you know?

Then Patrick [Paez], who was my boyfriend then said, 'No, you're in here for the long term and not for short term. You don't want to be the flavor of the month that won't last long. Work on your name. Invest on it for long term.'

[I said], 'God, I don't know what that means.' So wala, I just had to take things slow," the articulate host said.

PURSUING HER DREAM PROJECT. What's admirable about Daphne is that even as a celebrity, she has managed to keep controversies at bay. "I lived my life very well in a private manner. No controversies, no nothing.

"Walang tsismis, one time lang when I quit Proudly Filipina for my family," she said.

GMA-7 offered Proudly Filipina to Daphne when ABS-CBN's F! was pulled out. Her decision to leave the show was a tough one but eventually she had to set priority on her family, "It [Proudly Filipina] gave me the whole world. Proudly Filipina was their flagship program in QTV. They gave me so much support. It was the perfect project but it came to me at the wrong time."


A lot of people were surprised when Daphne resigned from her own show.

"I consulted only one person, my husband. He said, 'You have to be happy. If you're not happy as a mother and whatever... you don't need that. And you're not in here for quantity na paramihan ng shows but quality,'" she related.

In a statement Daphne sent to PEP last February 2008, she said that she resigned from Proudly Filipina because she felt that she had "a lot on her plate," balancing hosting jobs for two solo magazine shows [Proudly Filipina and Urban Zone] and taking care of three little children. (CLICK here to read related story)

Daphne knew what she wanted. "I'm not ready to quit yet 'cause there's still something I wanna do. I really wanna come up with a beautiful show that is my show. So, no matter what happens, it will be my show."

That show is Urbanzone, ABS-CBN's magazine show that features urban living.

Four years ago, Daphne and her husband created the concept of the show and brought it to Bayan Productions.

Urbanzone's initial aim was to feature good design and stylish living. Then the show reached out, says Daphne, and actually became an inspiration for its viewers. "People write me telling me how they are working so hard just to have beautiful homes; and how it inspired them to live beautifully."

The name she built in the industry through her hosting career did not come in a silver spoon.

"I shed blood, sweat and tears over my job. When you know your craft, nobody could take that away from you. So, parang pinagdaanan ko 'yon eh, so okay lang.

"So, everything that we envisioned then 13 years ago is coming [true]. I'm a late bloomer. So I'm very very proud and happy."


QUIET LIFE. Daphne attributes her success to maintaining a good name and reputation. "Having a good name and expanding for good quality and good value, I really believe in that. I mean, I'm not gonna do anything loud so that people would just notice me."

Aside from her TV career, Daphne remains a loving wife to her husband, producer Patrick Paez; and mother to three girls Sophia, 7; Lily, 4 and Bella, 1.

"I'm just happy that I have a solid family life, that it's there that I have a supportive husband that allows me to do these beautiful things. Kasi my daughters are also involved," Daphne said.

And then she gushed, "How nice to able to have a world like that!"

"So that's just it, I have a normal quiet life. I have a happy family, I have no manager and I live in my own quiet world."

Daphne emits an aura of confidence and contentment .





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