NU Rock Awards marks 17th year in honoring the best in Pinoy rock


Vying for the Album of the Year trophy in the 2010 NU Rock Awards are (left to right) Urbandub's Apparition, Tanya Markova's self-titled album, Chicosci's Fly Black Hearts, Archipelago's Travel Advisory, Franco's eponymous debut record, and Francis M and Ely Buendia's In Love and War collaboration project.

The NBC Tent in Taguig City will host this year's NU Rock Awards, which will be held this coming Friday, October 29.

This year's installment of the annual rock music event, sponsored by radio station NU 107, will mark its 17th year of conferring awards and recognition to artists and other individuals who all helped strengthen the OPM rock scene.

Dominating this year's list of nominees is up-and-coming band, Franco—a four-piece unit composed of vocalist-songwriter Franco Reyes, guitarists Gabby Alipe and Paolo Toleran, bassist Buwi Meneses, and drummer Janjan Mendoza.

The major awards that will be given—Artist of the Year, Album of the Year, and Song of the Year—will be contested by a mix of veteran and new acts like Urbandub, Tanya Markova, Archipelago, Chicosci, Sugarfree, Peryodiko, and Itchyworms.

The late rapper and singer-songwriter Francis Magalona is also nominated in this year's Rock Awards. Francis M's collaboration number with good friend and rock icon Ely Buendia titled "Higante" is in the running for the Song of the Year award.

Francis and Ely's album In Love and War—released posthumously by Sony Music in May 2010, a year after Magalona's untimely passing due to leukemia—is vying for the Album of the Year.

Both Ely and Francis are also nominated for Artist of the Year. Considered icons of the local music industry, the two have been recipients of various rock awards, particularly during their prime in the '90s.

This year's batch of young acts slugging it out for the Best New Artist award are no pushovers. Leading the charge is Franco, followed by the "shock rock" unit of Tanya Markova, Archipelago; Mr. Bones & The Boneyard Circus, and Sleepwalk Circus.

Highly anticipated will be the live performances of Bamboo, Franco, General Luna, Greyhoundz, Itchyworms, Kamikazee, Mr. Bones & The Boneyard Circus, Peryodiko, Pupil, Rivermaya, Slapshock, Sleepwalk Circus, Sugarfree, Tanya Markova, The Dawn, The Youth, Up Dharma Down, Urbandub, Us-2 Evil-0, and Wilabaliw.


Fans who wish to witness the 17th NU Rock Awards may obtain free tickets through on-air promos and by visiting the NU 107 official website.

Here are the nominees and the corresponding categories for the 2010 Rock Awards:

Artist of the Year

  • Franco
  • Francis M / Ely Buendia
  • Urbandub
  • Tanya Markova
  • Archipelago

Album of the Year

  • Franco - Franco
  • Fly Black Hearts- Chicosci
  • In Love and War- Francis M & Ely Buendia
  • Apparition - Urbandub
  • Tanya Markova - Tanya Markova
  • Travel Advisory - Archipelago

Vocalist of the Year

  • Franco Reyes - Franco
  • Gabby Alipe - Urbandub
  • Nicole Asensio - General Luna
  • Kat Agarrado - Sinosikat
  • Ria Bautista - Paramita
  • Ma. Jeanette "Jing" Jorge - Sugar Hiccup

Guitarist of the Year

  • Gabby Alipe, Paolo Toleran, Franco Reyes - Franco
  • Mong Alcaraz, Ariel Lumanlan - Chicosci
  • Gabby Alipe, John Dinopol - Urbandub
  • EJ Guevarra, Florante Sabas, JB Borbajo - Tanya Markova
  • Peavy "Sideshow" Nicolas, Fran Lorenzo - Sleepwalk Circus
  • Marco de Leon - Paramita

Bassist of the Year

  • Buwi Meneses - Franco
  • Lalay Lim - Urbandub
  • Carlos "Calde" Calderon - Chicosci
  • Alexis Montemayor - General Luna
  • Alsey Cortez - Paramita
  • Rommel dela Cruz - Ozawa

Drummer of the Year

  • Janjan Mendoza - Franco/Urbandub
  • Bea Lao - General Luna
  • Macoy Estacio -Chicosci
  • Wendell Garcia - Archipelago
  • Ria Bautista - Paramita
  • Otep Concepcion - Ozawa / In Love and War

Song of the Year

  • This Gathering - Franco
  • Higante - Francis M. & Ely Buendia
  • Picture picture - Tanya Markova
  • A call to Arms - Urbandub
  • Hang-over - Sugarfree
  • Bakasyon - Peryodiko
  • Gaan - Archipelago
  • Suplado ka Pala sa Personal - Itchyworms

Best New Artist

  • Franco
  • Tanya Markova
  • Archipelago
  • Mr. Bones & The Boneyard Circus
  • Sleepwalk Circus

In The Raw Award

  • Big Boy Bakulaw
  • Ivan Theory
  • Reese and Vica
  • Pale Yellow Light
  • Good Morning High Fives
  • Sunflower Day Camp
  • Urduja
  • The Flying Ipis
  • Maya's Anklet
  • The Butchercons
  • September Issue
  • Jov Kalinga Project
  • Eureka
  • Army of One
  • Bluewish
  • Glorious Masai Mara
  • Pitik Flicker Fusion
  • Pasok Mga Buwitre
  • Halik ni Gringo

URock College Band of the Year

  • Good Morning High Fives of CSB & Ateneo
  • Milagro of Ateneo, CSB, and UST
  • Ivan Theory of UP Diliman, PWU, Ateneo, & Kalayaan College
  • Reese & Vica of Ateneo
  • Leonecast of Ateneo





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