Allen Dizon tours Canada and the United States for Dukot screenings


Allen Dizon visited the Niagara Falls and the Golden Gate Bridge when he joined the North American tour of the indie film Dukot. This indie film tackles the plight of desaparecidos (victims of forced disappearance) who were allegedly abducted by military agents.

Allen Dizon toured North America when he attended the screenings of Dukot, wherein he portrays an activist who is abducted and tortured by the military.

He stars with Iza Calzado in this indie film directed by Joel Lamangan and penned by Bonifacio "Boni" Ilagan.

Iza was also invited to join the tour in Canada and the United States but she was unable to join because she was busy taping scenes for her shows on GMA-7.

Aside from Allen and Iza, Dukot stars Snooky Serna, Emilio Garcia, Robert Arevalo, and Felix Roco.

Gina Alajar stands out in this film for her role as an apolitical mother who learns to speak out against human rights violations when her daughter (played by Iza) becomes a desaparecido (victim of forced disappearance).

tells the love story of a young activist couple (played by Iza Calzado and Allen Dizon) abducted and tortured by Philippine security forces.

Lamangan and Ilagan, both former political prisoners under the dictatorship of Ferdinand Marcos, based Dukot on real-life cases of killings, abductions, and torture in the Philippines that were filed with the United Nations by survivors, the families of victims, and human rights advocates.

"Ang pelikulang ito ay kontribusyon ko sa mga biktima ng karapatang pantao, who are continuously seeking justice. I think it's my calling to do these kinds of socially relevant, advocacy films," says Allen.

Aside from starring in Dukot, Allen was also seen in Sigwa, a Cinemalaya film on the First Quarter Storm and activism during the Marcos years.

He is slated to topbill Deadline, a film about "warlordism" and the rampant media killings in the Philippines.

In 2011, Allen will play the lead character of Patikul, a Cinemalaya entry about an illiterate coffee farmer fighting for his son's right to education.

In Canada, the screenings of Dukot were sponsored by Bayan-Canada and Migrante-Canada. The delegation—composed of actor Allen Dizon, activist Melissa Roxas, scriptwriter Boni Ilagan and supervising producer Dennis Evangelista—toured Winnipeg, Toronto, Ottawa, Montreal, and Vancouver. They were joined by Allen's wife Crystle Dizon and Allen's mother.

Melissa Roxas, an American human rights advocate of Filipino descent, was abducted in La Paz, Tarlac by supposed agents of the Philippine military. She was held in secret detention and tortured for six days. She is the first known American citizen to have become a victim of abduction and torture in the Philippines

The U.S. tour was sponsored by several organizations concerned with human rights in the Philippines—the First United Methodist Church of Los Angeles, lawyers' groups such as the International Committee of the National Lawyers Guild, arts organizations such as Asian CineVision, and several Filipino-American organizations.

The destinations in the United States included Los Angeles, San Diego, San Francisco, Seattle, Chicago, New York, New Jersey and Washington, DC.


Allen and Dennis were able to continue the tour in the U.S. with Melissa Roxas, who is currently based in Los Angeles.

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