PEP EXCLUSIVE: Ryan Fariñas airs his side on accusation that he hit Rico Gutierrez's girlfriend


"It is sad that this misunderstanding between Michelle and I has escalated to such. This is between two people, and I was willing to apologize for offending her but definitely not for hitting her since I did not do that," says Ryan Fariñas about the accusation of Michelle Bea Paloma, the girlfriend-model of director Rico Gutierrez (inset), that Ryan hit her.

Nakatanggap ang PEP (Philippine Entertainment Portal) ng statement mula sa model na si Ryan Fariñas tungkol sa isyu na kinasasangkutan nila ni Michelle Bea Paloma.

Si Michelle ang model/girlfriend ng direktor na si Rico Gutierrez, na nagrereklamo na sinaktan diumano ni Ryan sa insidente na nangyari sa Bangkok, Thailand noong madaling-araw ng Sabado, October 9.

Sa interview ng PEP kay Rico, sinabi nito na apology kay Michelle mula kay Ryan ang demand nila ng kanyang girlfriend. (CLICK HERE to read related story.)

Anak si Ryan ni Ilocos Norte House Representative Rodolfo Fariñas at ng yumaong aktres na si Ma. Theresa Carlson. Minsan ding pinasok ni Ryan ang pag-aartista at naging contract star ng GMA Artist Center.

Sa pamamagitan ng text message, tatlong beses na sinubukan ng PEP na kunin ang panig ni Ryan noong Sabado, pero hindi siya sumagot. Ngayong hapon, October 12, nakakuha ang PEP ng statement ni Ryan na ipinadala niya sa kanyang kapatid.

Ito ang mahabang paliwanag ni Ryan tungkol sa away nila ng girlfriend ni Rico:

"An hour after i got home, i got a call from JC [kaibigan nina Ryan at Michelle]. He said, and I quote, 'Michelle knows you did not hit her so she just wants you to apologize for offending her and not for hitting her.'

"The moment he said that, I decided to give Michelle a call and apologize for having offended her, which was not my intention at all. I called Michelle two times, both calls she decided to ignore.

"Michelle called a friend yesterday [October 11] and changed her earlier statement, saying I did not hit her in the face but that I went for her head instead.

"When she was on the phone with JC, she told him I had hit her first and she was just hitting me back. Yesterday, she called JC to say she remembers hitting me first.


"I have not changed my story since that night because i am fully aware of everything that happened.

"I did NOT hit Michelle. I tried to block her punches by pushing her aside (she sat in between her friend James and myself) but she completely took it differently. I was in cab with two of Michelle's guy friends. If i did hit her, don't you think one of them would have at least defended her right there?

"It is sad that this misunderstanding between Michelle and I has escalated to such. This is between two people, and I was willing to apologize for offending her but definitely not for hitting her since I did not do that.

"This morning, Michelle told a friend that a friend of hers, Paula Taylor, who happens to be an actress here in Thailand, will be calling my agency here to tell them what I did to her. It seems that Michelle is bent on ruining not only my career, but my family's name as well.

"She did tell JC those exact words to which he said to her it would be unfair on my family's part as they are not a part of what went down.

"Michelle's boyfriend Rico said all he wants is for me to apologize to her. I tried doing that the moment she recognized the fact that I did not hit her but she decided not to take my call.

"Before leaving for Bangkok, I told my sister that i did not want to meet up with Michelle even if Michelle told me to text her the moment I arrive since I feel she just has too many issues with everything, and everyone.

"I did not text Michelle when I arrived in Bangkok but then on my third day here, i bumped into her at a casting. She asked why I did not text her and then went on to ask for my number.


"After that, she started asking me to hang out with her. I have been nothing but a great friend to Michelle, even waiting for two hours at a casting just because she did not want to go alone.

"Michelle talks so much negativity about everyone, including the friends I have made here in Bangkok. She however asked me not to share her stories with anyone, including the things she does here in Bangkok but does not want anyone back in the Philippines to find out. That's how much of a friend i have been to her.

"I have been getting calls from people who are friends of Michelle in the Philippines, and I have learned that she has been asking them to side with her. In fact, i learned through JC that Michelle told him not to get out of the cab that night to follow me since 'he has known her longer' so he should 'side with her.'

"I have not at all resorted to looking for allies as i believe that with the truth on my side, i will be fine. If Michelle's claims are indeed true, why does she have to go and ask people to be on her side? JC told me yesterday, and I quote, 'Rico's got the story all screwed up. He tweeted something like you and I were fighting. So weird.'

"Also, yesterday, JC got a call from one of the club promoters here asking him what happened between Michelle and I. Apparently, Paula Taylor told this girl that I was jealous of Michelle and JC and that's what caused everything. If they are indeed speaking the truth, how come they can't even be consistent with their stories?

"Michelle told a friend that she had 'asked Rico to stay out of this,' and that she did not want this to get big. That definitely wasn't her tone when she was on the phone with JC. I heard Michelle tell JC she will call Rico and tell him to ruin my family's name. Michelle went on to say my family is 'known for beating up women,' and that she'll 'make sure everyone knows that.'


"Last night, i got a call from one of the models here asking me to join them for dinner. I was with three other models, all of whom were introduced to me by Michelle. If i were such a bad person and would hit a girl, why would they even decide to take me to dinner and comfort me? Remember that these are people who are friends of Michelle. People I just met about a week ago. If Michelle truly is the victim, i definitely think these people would have asked her out instead and would do anything to cut all ties with me.

"This will be the first and last time i comment on the issue. I do not want to talk about this anymore as i feel that doing so is tantamount to adding salt to a wound. People will believe in what they want to believe no matter what.

"I have a family back home that I love more than anything and I do not want this to affect them any more than it already has. I have said my piece and I hope everyone respects my decision to no longer comment on the issue."





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