Rico Blanco on possibility of working with KC Concepcion: "I'm not interested po."


"All throughout my career, na medyo mahaba-haba na rin, I've always let my work speak on my behalf," says Rico Blanco about showbiz intrigues.

After more than a decade of wearing a musician's hat, Rico Blanco tries another field in show business by taking the role of a vampire named Lucas in ABS-CBN's new fantaserye Imortal.

Rico used to be the frontman of the local band Rivermaya, who later on decided to pursue a solo music career. Under his name are awards and distinctions including Vocalist of the Year by NU 107 Rock Awards in 2008 and Best Performance by a Male Recording Artist by Awit Awards in 2009.

Although he's just a newbie in acting, the rock star is confident that his experiences in the music industry already prepared him for this newfound career. The 37-year-old music artist also mentioned that he was once offered an acting job for a teleserye but he declined because he thought he was not ready that time.

Rico, who did a small role in the independent film Nasaan Si Francis, related, "In terms of preparedness, I think naman this is as prepared as one can get, di ba? I've been honored na naalok ng projects in the past. Pero we felt it wasn't the right time.


"Ngayon, feeling ko tama ang panahon in terms of where I am in my career. Medyo nagawa ko na ang nagawa ko sa music so may flexibility ako na magawa ito [Imortal]. No one can be as prepared pa than that.

"Although, at the same time, nothing can prepare you for the actual thing. So, pagtapak ko, I'm still learning. Madami talaga akong natutunan. Pero this is the most preparation na siguro one can have, e."

Instead of worrying too much about his job as an actor, Rico is more interested in learning how the people work on the set.

"Kinakapa ko po 'yong process," said the musician. "Parang, 'Ano ba ang nangyayari? Gaano katagal ba itong paghihintay?' Hindi 'yong acting part kung hindi yung process like, gaano ba katagal maghihintay, kailan ba kakain, kailan ba ako magbibihis."

Does he get help from his co-actors?

Rico replied, "Everyone is so helpful and welcoming. They all give me tips, big tips, small tips. Mostly 'yong small tips ang very helpful sa akin, e—get a nice chair, comfortable chair, bring your own tumbler."


Since doing a TV series is very demanding, does this mean Rico will spend less time with music now he's doing Imortal?

The singer-composer answered, "I assured everyone na music will always be there."

Rico also pointed out, "Acting is not the only thing I'm doing. Aside from music, marami akong ibang ginagawa. Doing other things in life makes your music richer—mas marami kang masusulat, there are more things for you to sing about. If all you do is music, it becomes parang empty."

"I'M NOT INTERESTED." Unlike the music industry, the movie industry is noisier especially when a celebrity is being intrigued. Is Rico ready to be part of this culture?

"Contrary to general perception na that's the only thing to do things, I believe na one can have good relationship with the media that will give artists, you know, options on how they want to market themselves.


"I don't want to offend 'yong artists who enjoy talking about their personal life because that's their thing, e, to each his own. But I believe na it's possible to have a working with journalists na mag-o-offer ng other way of doing things."

As an actor, Rico said he wants to adapt whatever he is doing in the music industry.

"All throughout my career, na medyo mahaba-haba na rin, I've always let my work speak on my behalf. So, hopefully now, the acting, with your help."

What if Rico gets a project that will require him to work with ex-girlfriend KC Concepcion?

"I'm not interested po," he briefly answered.

When the question was reiterated, the newbie actor indirectly answered, "There are many avenues naman if you want to market something. I believe we have more than enough channels. I don't think naman na that's needed. If it's up to me lang naman, I'd rather not. It's a personal preference lang."


What if the ABS-CBN management requires him to promote the show on KC's daily talk show Simply KC?

"I don't think they can require that from me," Rico replied before he was pulled out from the interview by the staff of Star Cinema for the taping of Imortal.


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