Liz Uy: Her celebrity status and "hindi ako showbiz" stance


Liz Uy turned 29 on February 8, which happens to be the birthday of PNoy as well. But she did not invite the President to her party. She said, "Hindi po, kasi po, ano lang siya [party]...intimate. Sobrang maliit lang naman. Nakakahiya naman kung imbitahin ko pa siya."

"Hindi ako showbiz," a smiling Liz Uy told PEP (Philippine Entertainment Portal) at the opening of Pandora, a jewelry store in Greenbelt 5, Makati City.

Yet the circumstances of her love life have made her an instant celebrity.

From being a stylist to famous stars, she became the girlfriend of John Lloyd Cruz, and later got romantically linked to President Noynoy Aquino.

Her unintended association with the rich and famous also made her an intermittent subject of the press and media—which, so far, have been unsuccessful in getting the present covergirl of Preview magazine to answer any issue involving her.

In the interview led TV Patrol's Mario Dumaual and The Buzz magazine's Julie Bonifacio, she was quick to halt questions about PNoy.

She said, "Sorry po ha, pero pag mga questions regarding the President, respectfully, I don't wanna answer it. Hindi na lang po talaga ako sasagot basta may link to the...Mr. President."

When the topic shifted to John Lloyd and the controversies surrounding the actor, her statement was more or less the same, "Ah, wala na po akong comment. Matagal na pong ano sa life ko si John Lloyd. Wala na, wala na talaga akong...Hindi naman sa walang care. Pero wala na po akong masasabi sa mga ganyan...o sa buhay nila. Kasi kanilang mundo na iyan, e. Respect na lang..."

Yes, she's really camera-shy, and is not the type to bask in the limelight. Showbiz is not her cup of tea, "Hindi ako papasok, noh," she said in firm tone.

And even if facing the cameramen has always made her feel uncomfortable, "Wala naman po akong regrets, e. Lahat ng nangyari sa buhay, nangyayari talaga for a reason. Everything happens for a reason."

THE GIRL WHO GOT AWAY? MarioDumaual told her that John Lloyd reportedly tagged the lady who became his girlfriend for three years as "the girl who got away."


"Sinabi niya...? Aw!!! Sinabi niya yun? E, totoo naman," she quipped with a laugh.

Then turning a bit serious, she said, "Hindi!!! Hindi, kung ano naman, kung sinabi niya iyon, nakakatuwa namang...nakakatuwa namang marinig."

The tag has made her "happy" because "I'm worth pala."

Liz resumed, "Pero ano 'to, ha, hindi ako sure kung sinabi niya. Hypothetical lang naman 'to. Pero I really wish him happiness kung sinuman yung partner niya ngayon...if they're still together, or whoever."

How are they now?

"We're really friends..." she answered briefly.

Just when the interviewers thought she was beginning to open up, she went back to her standard spiel when asked about Ruffa Gutierrez, who also got romantically linked to her ex-boyfriend.

"Hindi na lang ako ko-comment. Hindi naman. Pero hindi naman...Walang namang anything. Basta regarding mga hindi ko naman nakaka...hindi ako ko-comment," she said.

THE "SIOMAI" GIRL. Whether she's wearing a designer dress or an oversized shirt and denim shorts, Liz is naturally classy.

The people who know her would automatically describe her as "fashionista," and she's not the "flaunt what you've got" type.

When asked if it's hard to court a Liz Uy, she replied with a tinge of humor, "Ang bilis ko nga, e. Mababaw lang akong tao...Pang-siomai lang, siopao. Intsik lang ako. Tikoy..."

But is she dating now?

"I think, oo."

Her rumored beau at present is film director Lino Cayetano, the brother of Senators Pia and Allan Cayetano.

And if there's one request she'd like to make, privacy would be her automatic wish.

"Sana nga maging tahimik na. Matatahimik ba? Sana naman, noh," the chinky-eyed beauty pleaded.

Lastly, she was asked about the kind of guy she'd like to love.

Liz's brief but sweet response: "Pag love naman, celebrity or not, kahit anong stature in life, basta in love ka, hahamakin lahat."






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