Rumors about pullout of Sharon Cuneta's "sexy" billboard is absurd, says Marie France


The photo on the left was taken during Sharon Cuneta's launch as the endorser of Marie France last January 19, 2011, at the Ballrooms 2 and 3 of Mandarin Oriental Hotel. The one on the right was taken for her billboards. That day, the Megastar admitted that her treatments have been "on and off," but she's serious about achieving her target weight this year.

The rumor that began circulating yesterday, January 27, was: Sharon Cuneta's billboard is going to be pulled out.

PEP (Philippine Entertainment Portal) initially heard it from an advertising executive, who immediately labeled it a prank. He said, "Imposible yun. Hindi ganun kadali magtanggal ng ad...."

Earlier today—at 4:23 a.m., to be exact—the reason behind the alleged removal was revealed via text (published as is) by a contributor: "IPUPULL OUT DAW NG MARIE FRANCE ANG BILLBOARD NI SHARON C DAHIL IBA ANG ITSURA NYA SA NASABING BILLBOARD KEYSA SA TV AT PERSONAL."

The organization that has the authority to screen all broadcast, out-of-home, and print advertising and settle the disputes regarding advertising content is ASC (Ad Standards Council).

According to the section 3.a of its Code of Ethics: "'Before' and 'After' situations must reflect truthful and factual comparisons. Comparisons of the 'antecedent' situation with the subsequent 'situation' must not be exaggerated or misleading."

But before the approved billboard can be taken out, there must be a complaint.

ASC SPEAKS. In a phone interview that took place ataround 2:00 p.m., ad specialist Raymond Nacino said, "We haven't received a complaint."

Besides, it's not that easy to reverse the decision for an approved material. "Kailangan may due process. We receive the complaint. We notify the ad agency and the company, then the technical committee will review," Nacino explained.

He added that the council will place the burden of proof on the party concerned. This means that Marie France should prove the disputed fact.

MARIE FRANCE SAYS "NOT TRUE." The company's public relations officer, NJ Torres, said the rumor is "not true."

In a phone conversation that took place this morning, she explained that even the photographers were asked to do a testimonial prior to submission of the material. "Pati yung stylist, siyempre, halimbawa, inaayos yung hair..."


Lastly, she told PEP via text: "Sa status ni Sharon, I don't think she will also put herself in that position just to sell a lie. Watch and see the new body soon..."





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