Wrap-dress Winners!


Wrap-dress winners in the fashion scene are Marian Rivera (left) and Angel Locsin. On two different occasions, these ladies donned the iconic dress, introduced by Diane von Fürstenberg in 1972, in their favorite shade of green.

A must-have for every woman's wardrobe is the wrap dress, which was introduced to the fashion scene by Belgian-American designer Diane von Fürstenberg in 1972.

This waist-whittling, bust-enhancing, and hip-reducing piece of clothing was made even more popular by the late Princess Diana. These days, the iconic dress has found a fan in Kate Middleton, the fiancée of the Prince William of Wales.

In the U.S., hotel heiress Paris Hilton considers Smoke & Mirrors wrap dresses, which cost $355 apiece, among her favorites. She has them in different colors.

Locally, two lovely ladies were spotted wearing it: Marian Rivera and Angel Locsin. The former wore it at the Bampirella press conference, which was held last March 21; the latter donned it at the Vantage event, which was held last March 6.

Marian's Karimadon outfit was long, flowy, and elegant, while Angel's Martin Bautista dress was short and sophisticated!

Both stars chose a shade of green, but who do you think wore the wrap dress better?

WEARING THE WRAP. But before the fans start the debate, here are some tips from Suite101.com on how to wear it:

1. Choose according to your body type. Those with bigger body frames should have a fuller top and skirt. Those who are thin should choose adjustable ties to flaunt the waist area.

2. Choose a wrap dress with ruching—"a sewing technique in which fabric or ribbon is gathered to form ruffles or petals," according to wisegeek.com—for increased waist definition.

3. Choose according to your shape. "Vertical and diagonal lines are more slimming."

Remember that a wrap dress is both timeless and versatile—which means you can wear it anywhere and any way—whether it's a la Marian or Angel.





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