PEP EXCLUSIVE: Divine Lee and Victor Basa say their friendship of more than a decade is their relationship's foundation


"Yung selos naman is normal. Like I got to work with a lot of guys and he is an actor and he got to work with a lot of girls. And we laugh about it kasi talaga, e. It's hard for us to get jealous 'cause we are always with each other. We always tell each other what we are doing, where we are so parang we make each other secure," says real estate executive Divine Lee on how she and actor Victor Basa keep their relationship going strong.

"Divine is amazing!" Victor Basa describes his ladylove, real estate heiress and socialite Divine Lee.

A few steps away from us is Divine. She overheard what the actor just said and shot back with a smile, "I heard that."

Victor gestured that we move a little bit farther from her so she wouldn't hear what he had to say.

In a softer voice, he continued, "So loving, so understanding. She inspires me. She inspires me a lot. And up to the extent na siya yung isa sa mga rason na napalapit ako sa Diyos."

Both are Roman Catholics and Victor says they go to mass together.

FRIENDS THEN LOVERS. Victor and Divine have been together for more than a year now. They first came out in the open about their relationship in August last year, in an interview with PEP (Philippine Entertainment Portal) during an event. (CLICK here to read related story).

Divine recounted how they got together.

"We have been friends for more than 10 years because we went to the same school, and we have the same barkada. And then gulat din kami that we got together because we both came from a breakup. I broke up, he broke up kaya we became each other's shoulder to cry on. Okay lang din cause there is no getting-to-know stage 'cause we have been friends na nga," Divine told PEP.

Divine cited their solid friendship as something that keeps their relationship grounded and stable. However, they had to make some adjustments with the leveling up of their relationship.

"I think the best foundation of our relationship is that we are friends talaga. So that's what makes us strong. But I guess he has more responsibility, like before when we go out kanya-kanya kami ng uwi.

"Now, he makes sure I am okay. And there is a certain limit na kung friends lang kayo, hindi mo pwede pagbawalan. Now, he can tell me I don't think that's right," Divine said.


Asked how their relationship is so far, Victor exclaimed, "I'm very very happy. I feel very very lucky and grateful to have her."

THE ONE? Since things are going well, will we be hearing wedding bells soon?

"In my opinion kasi, any self-respecting guy, hindi naman papasok ng relationship 'yan kung wala naman plano magpakasal, di ba? Ano pa ginagawa, pang good time lang? So, of course, it's always on my list," Victor said.

Pausing, he smiled and said, "Soon. Soon."

The lovely couple enjoy each others company so much that they decided a few months ago to move in.

"But I still go home 'cause I have a little brother to look after so it's not living in, in that sense. We live together but it's not living in, in negative connotation." Victor clarified.

BONDING MOMENTS. Surprisingly, the celebrity couple enjoy the simplest things in life.

"We are cheap lang. We like eating fish balls and sisig. We are both foodies kasi so we eat anywhere. Whenever there is a new restaurant, mapa-low or high-end, talagang bonding. But most of the time, when we are together, DVD nights talaga," Divine shared.

Both are fans of the Aysee restaurant in Pasig. The restaurant claims to be the very frist to serve sisig in Metro Manila.

The couple knew about this secret rendezvous of theirs since their school days.

As for Victor, he differentiated their bonding time from their quality time at home.

"We just spend it at home, DVD nights, Ako nagluluto," he said with much pride.

They also like to travel.

"We try to travel as much as we can. Para lang it's a change na it's just me and her, kami lang," he said.

But with their work schedules getting always in the way, they are content just watching the latest movies together.


Though they enjoy doing the same things, Divine cites that their personality differences are also vital to their relationship.

"There are a lot of things we learn from each other. He is so different. I am so different and then it was easy for us kasi magkaibigan kami before so when we got together hindi kami nauubusan ng mapag- uusapan. Because we are different, he would teach me something he likes and ako naman, I would teach him of what I like," the 29-year-old model and entrepreneur said.

MISUNDERSTANDINGS. No relationship is perfect. Misunderstandings happen. According to Victor, they fight mostly about schedules and time.

"Sometimes kasi sa showbiz erratic ang schedule and then I have to coordinate. E, siya she is very organized," Victor said.

The actor explained why he thinks misunderstandings are normal in a relationship.

"Misunderstanding happens when you least expect it. At hindi ka naman mag-e-expect sa tao kung wala kang pakialam, kung hindi mo mahal, or wala kang inaatupag," he explained.

To which his ladylove nodded in affirmation.

They may quarrel, but Victor is glad that "she listens."

"Hindi ko naman kelangan pang tumambling...," he said.

To win her affection back, Victor said, "I try to do things that would remind her na mahal na mahal niya ako."

Divine turned his way and shot a look of disagreement.

Taking the hint, Victor corrected himself with a grin, "... na mahal na mahal ko siya."

HANDLING JEALOUSY. Both good-looking and with thir own flourishing careers, how do they deal with people they work and interact with?

"We have the same barkada kasi even before. I guess nadagdagan nalang. Yung selos naman is normal. Like I got to work with a lot of guys and he is an actor and he got to work with a lot of girls. And we laugh about it kasi talaga, e. It's hard for us to get jealous 'cause we are always with each other. We always tell each other what we are doing, where we are so parang we make each other secure," Divine explained.


One example is that Victor openly asked Divine's permission for his passionate kissing scene with co-actor Arci Muñoz for the dramaserye Mga Nagbabagang Bulaklak.

"Ayaw mo naman na pagbukas ng TV, magugulat nalang o may biglang mag-te- text [sa kanya]. Alam naman niya and she knows I draw a line. I know na yung mga ibang artista na medyo nadadala sa eksena.

"Ako po hindi, kasi I feel that I'm mature enough and alam ko naman na I would never jeopardize my work or my relationship," Victor asserted.





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