Iza Calzado takes readers along her journey to a healthy lifestyle


From an overweight teenager, Iza Calzado transforms herself into a fabulously fit woman. Read her story by grabbing a copy of Women's Health Philippines, or go online and become a fan on Facebook via Facebook.com/womenshealthphilippines and follow Twitter.com/womenshealthph.

It's no secret that Iza Calzado was once overweight. It's a story that has been told many times over, to the point that Iza sometimes wonders, "Is this what I'm going to be known for?"

But it's all good, she says as she graces the cover of Women's Health Philippines this April: "Honestly, I wish that I even had just one person to look up to who was really into fitness at that time."

The road to fitness was not easy for Iza. Her parents would make her go through strict diets when she was younger. "[My mom] did make me go through something like a chicken-sotanghon soup diet. She would take off the skin and all that, [and] I would lose 20 pounds," she shares. "But the moment I stayed with my dad, I'd finish off half a gallon of ice cream in one sitting. It was really hard."

She was also a heavy smoker in her high school and college days, and only quit when it became difficult for her to breathe.

The Kapuso actress is quick to clarify though, "I'm always careful to stress that kids don't have to go through this just so they can appreciate how it is to be healthy now. If ever I have kids of my own, I'd be very strict and make sure they don't even start."

Today, Iza is a meticulous fitness buff who tries to learn as much as she can about staying fit and healthy. It helps that boyfriend Atticus King is into reading fitness literature. "I do see the benefits of studying new things. And it fascinates me when I meet people like him who are smart about it. I'd like to be the same," she says. She reads up on different kinds of diet and sees what benefits she can get from each.


Iza shares her fitness idols and tips to staying healthy in the April issue of Women's Health, a second anniversary special. Read more about her by grabbing a copy of the April issue of Women's Health, available in newsstands, bookstores, and supermarkets nationwide.





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