Kris Lawrence pours a lot of "sincerity" into his music


Kris Lawrence tells (Philippine Entertainment Portal) that education remains his goal: "I wanna finish schooling. This one [showbiz] naman, it's not something really permanent... I wanna make sure that income is well and stable."

While most stars switched off from work mode during the Holy Week, Kris Lawrence worked even harder.

In an interview held at the "American Idol Overload" event of Star World and Greenwich, he described the Holy Week as his "vacant break."

Boracay, he said, was out. "I'm gonna stay at home, work on my album. Finally kasi, walang shows, walang rehearsals—so that's the time I can focus on writing and recording."

During the event, he rendered his version of "Inseparable," which became one of the popular pieces of Jasmine Trias when she joined the third season of American Idol.

Kris, himself grand winner of ABS-CBN's Star In A Million (Season 2), was once linked to the Fil-Am singer.

"No...I just picked it," he said, when he was teased about his choice of song. "Not anymore...Jasmine and I haven't talked in a long time."

So how's his love life after Katrina Halili, who was his girlfriend for almost a year?

His answer: "Medyo I'm single. Yes, I've dated a couple of girls here and there, but for now, I'm really concentrating on my career.

"When I get in love, I really get sidetracked, parang pinababayaan ko ang trabaho ko."

The topic shifted to his recording.

"My next album is gonna be 85 percent OPM," he beamed.

"I wrote a lot of Tagalog. I have five songs from Vehnee Saturno. I have one revival.

"I wrote, rearranged, produced, and got help from Jay-R and Billy [Crawford]."

Many industry watchers see Kris as one of the country's finest singers. But the fellow, who considers Stevie Wonder and Michael Jackson as his musical influences, prefers not to set big goals for himself.

He used to dream of having a full-length concert in a huge venue.

"I would really love for that to happen," he said.


"As for the expectations, I had dreamed and I had hoped, but not a lot of expectation. Kasi dati, I had great expectation. Parang I let it become my motivation."

But he has since made a decision not to put too much pressure on himself and just love what he's doing.

"Day by day, the important thing is, I'm making money. I'm living very, very comfortably. That's perfect and I'm enjoying," he said with a smile.

Singing was a talent he discovered at the age of 16. "But I played the piano when I was four years old," he added.

It didn't occur to him then that he could make a living out of it.

"I was shy kasi. My grandparents started encouraging me to sing at home because I loved singing with high notes then."

But the timid boy is now very much part of the local music scene.

He said his upcoming work is the result of good, hard work.

"It's called Sincerity. You're gonna get a different venture from me. Parang it's a total opposite from me.

"I have RNB and hip hop dance and theater acting. Definitely it's a lot of hard work." (RNB stands for rhythm and blues.)

And surely, for his fans, it's worth the wait.





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