Jed Madela reflects on "the pressure to be always perfect"


John Edward Tajanlangit, or more popularly known as Jed Madela, owns "The Voice" moniker, which was given to him by the country's respected music artists.

Jed Madela has earned the admiration of the country's finest performers—Lea Salonga, Lani Misalucha, Gary Valenciano, and Martin Nievera—because of his "perfect voice," which was also the reason WCOPA (World Championship of the Performing Arts) gave him the highest honors in 2005.

"The tag and the trophies helped me to gather my much-needed following, and I will forever be grateful for their awesome support," Jed tells (Philippine Entertainment Portal) in an exclusive interview. "But you know what, while it is flattering, it also puts pressure on me to be always perfect."

He chooses not to be weighed down by the pressure. In just a few years in the business, Jed has become one of the most recognized performers of his generation with multiple record award citations, including a Gold Record Award for his latest work The Classics Album under Universal Records.

"One thing I have learned in the business is that even if I try to be perfect, I will never be one," says the mainstay of ASAP Rocks. "So I just embrace my being imperfect and perform, not with my perfection, but with my heart."

Another thing that showbiz has taught him—avoid negativity.

There was this instance when a fellow artist tagged him the "most overrated artist in the country."

He admitted being hurt, but chose to keep in mind that international singing star Lea Salonga lauded him as the "most underrated artist in the country."

Another issue that caused him anxiety had to do with his weight.


"From 2007 to 2008, I had this hard bout with my weight. I began crash dieting whenever people would say that I am gaining pounds," related Jed. "But then, one day, I just made a firm decision to stop being hard on myself. I continue to monitor my weight, but I will never starve myself again."

Talent and dedication have brought him to where he is now.

His albums I'll Be Around, which includes the hit "Let Me Love You," Songs Rediscovered (Double Platinum), Only Human (Platinum), The Voice of Christmas (Gold), Songs Rediscovered 2 (Platinum), and The Classics Album (recently-awarded Gold) are all bestsellers.

Jed expands his horizon by stepping into the Southeast Asian market. He will do a series of shows in Malaysia, plus some countries in the region, starting this June.

A major concert and a new album are also in the works.

"I still have lots of dreams," enthuses Jed. "But, ultimately, I just want to continue to touch other people's hearts by my songs."





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