Junior MasterChef judge JP Anglo relates memorable encounter with Judy Ann Santos; wants to cook for Pacman


Junior MasterChef JP Anglo owns the Mu Shu restaurant in Bacolod.

With his good looks and excellent culinary skills, Chef JP Anglo admits that his lovelife dramatically improved when he started cooking.

"At that time, I'd cook lamb and couscous [North African dish of semolina]. Siyempre, gusto mo glamorous sounding dish," he told PEP.ph (Philippine Entertainment Portal) in an interview held during their pictorial last May 19.

When asked what he finds attractive in a girl, he teasingly answered, "For me, I think it's the mouth. I like a girl who appreciates food. Kusinero tayo, e. I like a girl who knows how to eat."

CHINESE FOOD. As a kid, he didn't enjoy his mom's cooking much so he decided to hone his cooking skills and take charge in the kitchen.

"My mom is not the typical housewife. She's a doctor. Hindi siya masarap magluto. When I was a kid, I would go across the street to my grandfather's house so I can eat there. My aunt was a good Chinese cook. I love Chinese food," he related, smiling.

After working in Australia for five years, Chef JP decided to come home and put up his own Asian restaurant in Bacolod.

FROM KITCHEN TO TV.His love for food also gave him the opportunity to be visible on television.

As one of the judges for the Junior MasterChef, he will be working with Judy Ann Santos, the show's host.

Chef JP said he already had a memorable encounter with Juday.

"They were shooting in this remote island where there is a flight once a week. The staff invited me to cook for them and so I did. I used up Juday's one-week food supply in one dish. I didn't know it was hers. Buti na lang, masarap yung luto ko," he recalled.


The 32-year-old chef resumed, "Tahimik lang siya after that but when I left the island, I said to myself, 'Oh my God! What did I do?!' When I saw her again for Junior MasterChef, it was such an icebreaker."

Given the chance, Chef JP would like to cook for champion boxer Manny Pacquiao.

"I will cook him a feast," he said. "I will make him Inasal from Bacolod and my own Paella version with unique local ingredients like lechon manok," he ended.





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