Regular facial and moisturizer with SPF are beauty must-haves for Cesca Litton


When asked if she's still in touch with ex-boyfriend Jericho Rosales, Cesca Litton quickly said, "We're still friends."

She's one of those few celebrities whose skin will still look good even without makeup.

"Thank you," Cesca Litton said graciously, before instantly revealing one of her secrets, "I make sure I go to my regular facial. I try to do that at least once a month."

Another thing she cannot leave without is the "moisturizer with SPF [Sun Protection Factor]," which has the power to block ultraviolet radiation (Science.Org.Au).

Beauty experts recommend it as the best defense against premature skin aging.

The last important routine in Cesca's beauty regimen is "definitely never ever ever ever sleeping with makeup on."

Her job as SNN correspondent requires her to wear makeup five days a week.

"I'm on camera basically every day so I have to wear makeup all the time. I have to fix my hair...But as soon as I get home, tanggal agad."

And before going to sleep, "Don't forget eye cream."

Many women underestimate the many wonders that this usually small-size beauty product does.

Eye cream can help in the natural regrowth of lost collagen that causes the symptoms of age, such as "bags, crow's feet, fine lines, puffiness and dark circles."

KIKAY BUT...Though the chemicals usually found in cosmetics have ill effects on the facial skin, Cesca admitted her fascination with the colorful palettes and hues.

"Kikay ako!" she told (Philippine Entertainment Portal). "I remember when I was a kid; I used to play with my mom's makeup. I was one of those kids na nangangalikot na makeup kit ng mom ko.

"But when my mom passed away...and my dad, dun naman ako naging tomboy. So ako, this combination is parang girl and guy.

"I like wearing super high heels, pati 'yong makeup ko, I like fixing my hair. But there's still a part of me na parang aakyat tayo ng bundok, ganun..."


Still on the topic of makeup, the Kapamilya host related the importance of one item, which can always be found inside her bag: Lipstick.

At the launch of Estee Lauder's Pure Color collection, she mentioned how it gives a "sudden pop of color on your face."

She added, "It also tells much about the kind of mood you're in. That's why, picking the right shade of lipstick is important. It also depends on the occasion, depends on where you are. It is probably the instant mood changer on your face. As soon as you put that on, you can tell what you're feeling based on the color you chose."

That day, she was wearing pink, which, according to Wikipedia, is the "universal color of love."

Does the color reveal anything about the status of her lovelife?

She laughed, the briefly answered, "We shall see."

And why does she feel iffy talking about her lovelife?

"I think there are certain things that should be really kept private. Parang hindi naman ako magsisinungaling. Before naman, di ba, inamin...

"It's just that there's a certain point na you need to stop sharing things to everyone kasi yung relationship niyo becomes known to people. And the more people get involved, the more complicated it could get.

"That's very important to me. I don't know...I'm just really a private person when it comes to relationship," she said in closing.





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