Three versions of the Marian Rivera-Heart Evangelista feud


Only Lovi Poe (middle) knows the real story behind the Marian Rivera (left)-Heart Evangelista (right) feud. But the lady who played Serafina in Temptation Island chooses to keep mum. "If I react, what's gonna happen after that, right? It's just like opening Pandora's box," Lovi says.

In a span of one month, the Marian Rivera-Heart Evangelista feud had three versions.

The public thought that Heart's recent statements would clear the air. But a portion of her story deviated from the initial claims.

FIRST VERSION. Dingdong Dantes, Marian's boyfriend inadvertently caused the feud.

On June 15, a reliable source told (Philippine Entertainment Portal) that Marian was provoked by Heart's "OA" reaction when she learned that her next project would be with Dingdong.

The source said: "Parang nananadya raw itong isa, and kinagat naman [ng Amaya star]."

A confrontation supposedly ensued, and the source continued, "Inis na inis talaga si Marian. Si Heart naman, natakot."

What happened reportedly reached the mom of Heart, Mrs. Cecile Ongpauco, who is also her manager.

Before leaving Ilocos Norte, where the first incident took place, the two ladies had patched things up.

Heart tweeted on June 11: “Let’s not make a big fuss. Marian and I are okay. Showbiz is showbiz so, Heartworld, 'wag na tayo mag-away-away."

But come July 13, Marian got the shock of her life when Mrs. Ongpauco showed up at the airport with bodyguards who were reportedly there "for her daughter's protection."

Initially, the report stated 13 bodyguards. But during the Temptation Island press conference held last June 23, Rufa Mae Quinto counted "lima [five]."

When Marian approached Heart to say goodbye, Heart's mom reportedly yelled something like, "Stay away from my daughter."

The primetime queen of GMA-7 confirmed the presence of bodyguards, but did not say if the yelling indeed took place.

SECOND VERSION. The June 22 report of veteran columnist Mario Bautista in People's Journal contained the account of a certain Trish Madrigal, who forwarded what was published earlier today, July 25.

Here's Trish's story:

“There was actually some kind of problem between Marian and Heart at the Temptation Island shoot. Heart was egging Marian on by asking when will she and Dingdong get married.


"Two of the people that were with Heart that day were also taunting Marian with jokes about her penchant for speaking Tagalog, they called her 'Bobita' [stupid], and made fun of Marian’s age and saggy skin.

"Marian talked to Heart about this and they fixed it right away.

"Afterwards, Marian and Lovi Poe were talking about how some people in showbiz aren’t really what they seem.

"Heart took offence and started crying [and] then called her mother, and a few of her fans.

"Hence the angry tweets to Marian. Lovi tried to explain to Heart that she’s not [one of ] the fakes in showbiz they’re talking about.

"After that was settled Heart told her fans to make peace and don’t say bad things to Marian coz they’re OK.

"Marian and Heart decided that once they’re back in Manila, it’s all good. Bygones. Or so Marian thought.

"It got worse at the airport because Heart either neglected to call her Mother back [to explain] or maybe she wasn’t genuine in her PEACE talks.

"When the girls arrived at the airport, Heart’s Mom was waiting there with eight cops.

"She said hi to Solenn Heussaff and Lovi Poe but snubbed Marian Rivera. So [when] Marian went to Heart to kiss her goodbye, Heart’s Mom grabbed her daughter away and told Marian to stay away from Heart.

"Marian was so humiliated all she could do was cry."

THIRD VERSION. Heart made the following pronouncements last July 21:

"Masama lang po ang loob ko dahil nabaligtad na po ang sitwasyon."

The Chinese-Filipino actress elaborated on what happened in Ilocos Norte, where the "friction" started.

"Sinugod" at "sinigawan" were the words used by Heart, who got excited upon learning that her next leading man will be Dingdong Dantes.


According to her story, Marian also threatened her, "Papatayin ka ng mga fans ko!"

But she denied the allegations that took place at the airport, where Heart's mom supposedly brought bodyguards for "protection," and yelled "Stay away from my daughter" at Marian.

Heart said, "Hindi po totoo na nagdala kami ng napakaraming pulis. It was airport security po.

"Actually, in-assist lang po ang mommy ko ng dalawang security dahil bawal na po kasi magsundo ng pasahero doon sa loob.

"So, dun na po siya sa labas naghintay, sa may baggage area.

"And nung lumabas na po ako, binati ng mommy ko yung ibang artista na bumati sa kanya, and we left na po right away."

THE PULSE. The public is left to draw their own conclusions about the controversy.

Marian has the sympathy of most PEPsters.

In the poll posted last July 22, out of 2,551 respondents, 62.96% believe in Marian, while 33.52% agree with Heart.

If only Lovi Poe would open Pandora's box, then the truth will out.

In due course, the issue will die a natural death, but it's hard to ignore the possibility that one side or the other may not be telling the truth.





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