Ruffa Gutierrez on being related to Bruno Mars: "It's a cute little fact that I wanted to share with people..."


Ruffa Gutierrez tweeted @iloveruffag last April 8: "Wow what a surprise! Magpinsan pala kami ni @BrunoMars! Konfeeermd-Maganda talaga lahi namin...LOL! ☺ Just wish I had his amazing voice too!" But she left right after the concert, so she never got to meet the international singer.

"I love his songs. He's really talented, he's proud to be a Filipino," says Ruffa Gutierrez about the recent discovery that she is related to the famous American songwriter-singer Bruno Mars.

She has nothing much to say though about the supposed reunion that took place after the Big Dome concert.

"I never met him," she began. "Actually, it was Richard and Raymond who met him. Kasi ako, ang lola, umuwi na ko ng bahay.

"So, si Chard 'tsaka si Mon, nagpunta sa party at dun nagkuwentuhan sila nila Bruno. Nagkuwentuhan sila ng mga kamag-anak, so yun, nalaman nila na they are indeed related, and my mom and my dad even said that my dad stayed in the mother side of Bruno's relatives in Hawaii."

But Bruno Mars is Bruno Mars!

Aside from being the voice behind the hit songs "Just The Way You Are," "I Think I Wanna Marry You," and "Grenade," his musical skills became evident on B.o.B.'s "Nothin' on You" and Travie McCoy's "Billionaire."

When Ruffa learned that the grandfather of the Grammy winner is the cousin of her dad Eddie Gutierrez, she mentioned it @iloveruffag, her Twitter account.

"I just want to share it with the followers and I thought it was nakakaaliw. It's a cute little fact that I wanted to share with people so it's no big deal," related the TV5 star during the launch of her endorsement, the Belo BodyTite, at the Salon de Ning of The Peninsula Manila.

While she found the fact "random and cool," some people—according to the former beauty queen—are "bitter, saying na hindi namin siya kamag-anak."

Her retort, "Well, okay lang. He's not naman my claim to fame, you know. At saka nauna naman ako. I mean, I was already a star before he became sikat."


TWITTER POWER. Meanwhile, talking about the popular and quite-controversial Twitter, Ruffa said her profile was initially private.

"It was like 2,000 na yung followers ko and private pa din ako. So all my friends were saying, 'Ruffa, i-open mo na yung Twitter mo kasi ang daming gusto mag-follow sa 'yo pero naka-private.' So yung iba, ayaw na i-follow ako.

"Sabi ko, 'But I want my tweets to be private.' But Twitter's not for private people, you should share. Sabi ko, 'Ganun ba yun?' So in-open ko na siya," the Paparazzi host recounted.

To date, she has 362,377 followers, who get to read about her upcoming projects, scoops, and thoughts.

She said, "I think Twitter is a great way in marketing yourself, to promote your own shows and a way also to be close to the people.

"Kasi sometimes I reply back to them, e, and they appreciate that. So I think, Twitter is a positive way of communicating with everyone in the world.

"And what's cool about it, I don't have followers just from the Philippines. I have followers from Turkey, from the States, sa iba't ibang bansa! So yun ang cool about it."

The hiccup: When people follow her tweets just to post ill tidings. She dubbed them "mga Nega sa Twitter."

"I'm not bothered," she asserted. And as a public figure, she says she knows that whatever she puts out will be read by many.

Hence, Ruffa says: "Tame ako mag-tweet, hindi ako nakikisawsaw."

Her mom Annabelle Rama, however, announces: "Ang dami niyang blind items, 'yan ang dapat sundan sa Twitter."

And her take on the bogus accounts?

Ruffa answers, "Buti nga, pina-follow ako. They waste their time setting up accounts and they follow me. Kahit malalaswa yung ibang sinasabi nila, I don't mind, kasi...

"Could you imagine, ako nga ang dami kong followers na fake... can you imagine the Hollywood celebrities? And I don't think that they mind. So for me, ok lang. The people that matter in my life are the only opinions that matter."






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