Blogsite shots show a "TV personality" kissing a "hot hunk" in a restaurant in Greenbelt 3. Can you guess who it is?


These blurry shots of a female "television personality" kissing a "hot hunk" inside a restaurant were posted on the blogsite Fashion Pulis. These shots were reportedly taken last Friday night, April 15, inside a restaurant in Greenbelt.

May kumakalat ngayong paparazzi shots sa Internet kung saan isa raw female "television personality" ang nakitang nakikipaghalikan umano sa kanyang ka-date na "hot hunk."

Ang mga papaparazzi shots ay ipinost sa blog site na kahapon, April 16.

May title na "Spotted Making Out in Greenbelt" ang limang larawan kasama ang isang artikulo na naglalarawan ng pagkakakita sa "television personality" at "hot hunk."

Kuha ang mga larawan gamit ang iPhone. Malalabo ang mga kuha kaya hindi makikilala kung sino ang tinutukoy na "television personality."

Ayon sa blogger, nangyari ang insidente sa isang restaurant sa Greenbelt 3.

Kasama ng blogger ang ilan niyang mga kaibigan, at sa labas ng restaurant sila pumuwesto.

Heto ang kuwento ng blogger (published as is): "While enjoying the mango and strawberry pavlova, one of my friends noticed a hot hunk wearing a white shirt seated beside his date in the corner near the wash rooms. He got even more excited and called our attention when he noticed that the hot hunk was making out with his date. Since he had a better view, he was the one reporting to us what they were doing. They were passionately kissing each other and yes, we had to take turns to witness their long playing public display of affection.


"On my way to the washroom, I had to go inside the restaurant. When I passed through their table, I was so shocked when I recognized the girl. I rushed back to our table to tell my friends that the girl is a television personality. They did not believe me and insisted that the girl and the television personality just look alike. We were arguing about it for a while so I had to ask one of the waiters. He confirmed to us that the girl seated inside is indeed the television personality.

"I did not know that she already ended her long term relationship with her boyfriend who is also a television personality. I thought the two were getting married soon. I even remember seeing them shopping together in Hong Kong's Pacific Place Mall a couple of years ago."

Sa huli ay pinahulaan ng blogger sa kanyang readers kung sino ang "television personality" sa pamamagitan ng mga inilabas niyang larawan.


Sinubukan ng PEP (Philippine Entertainment Portal) na kunin ang reaksiyon ng sinasabing "TV personality" sa pamamagitan ng kanyang manager ngunit hanggang ngayon ay hindi pa rin kami nakakatanggap ng sagot.


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