Ogie Alcasid on wife Regine Velasquez's pregnancy: "It's really God's work."


Ogie Alcasid will soon become a father for the third time with the pregnancy of his wife, Regine Velasquez-Alcasid. The Asia's Songbird is now on her second month of pregnancy.

Ogie Alcasid is forever the comedian, cheekily responding to "How are you?" with "I'm great! I sometimes think about being gay, happy naman ako..."

Ogie just takes that rumor in stride and even manages to joke about it.

Kidding aside, Ogie sits down with PEP (Philippine Entertainment Portal) for a quick catch-up during the first-episode taping of his newest project, Mind Master, on GMA7.

Ogie will serve as the celebrity co-host for the first episode.

He says that he is excited about it, even saying that regular host Nomer Lasala will become a "rockstar mentalist."

"Showman siya, he's got the theatrics. He's very friendly, very intelligent, he's quite talented. And I'm excited to see the mind-boggling things that he will do."

Ogie has been a believer of other mentalists abroad and grabbed the chance to be part of the first Philippine showcase of the mind-reading process.

REGINE'S PREGNANCY. The daddy-to-be says that hearing about a new baby is always great news and makes people smile.

And now that it's happening to him again, he says, "It's great! We've been very excited. It's something our families have been praying for.

"We just have to be more careful now because we're not that young. Kailangan ingat-ingat si Regine kaya ako ang kumakayod ngayon."

Ogie is married to Asia's Songbird Regine Velasquez, who is now on her second month of pregnancy.

The singer-songwriter says the pregnancy wasn't really planned because Regine was supposed to have finished first her commitment to I ♥ You Pare, a movie, as well as a concert.


But Ogie shares, "God is a God of timing. His will be done."

Regine's pregnancy isn't easy too.

"She's maselan," mentions Ogie.

"The first few weeks have been difficult, and we were in and out of the hospital a lot."

Ogie clarifies that even if rumors were rife during that time, they chose not to respond because their priority was Regine's health and safety, as well as the baby's.

During the first weeks of Regine's pregnancy, Ogie recalls feeling scared.

But now, "We're okay. Her morning sickness is not that bad, headaches na lang.

"We also made sure Regine and the baby were okay before announcing. She's now giggling all the time."

PAGLILIHI. Ogie recounts some of Regine's cravings that include hamburgers, Chinese food, fish, sweet potato, ice cream...

Then, he suddenly realizes, "Parang lahat pala kini-crave niya, parang wala naman siyang ayaw!"

Being an early riser, Ogie prepares food as early as 4:30 a.m., which is good since Regine also wakes up that time.

"At nasasamahan ko siya kumain at nananaba din ako dahil diyan," he adds.

Having experienced the "journey of daddy through pregnancy" already with his first wife, Michelle Van Eimeren, Ogie says that it's always the same in the sense that it's always very beautiful.

He affirmed Regine by telling her that "You know, when my girls were born, I could almost hear angels singing.

"It sounds corny, but it's really God's work. And with us, I'm sure it's going to happen also."

Ogie has two daughters with Michelle—Leila and Sarah—who live in Australia with their mom and stepfather Mark Morrow.


Ogie remarks that the infanticipation, his "pagiging maantukin," is something divine.

"Na bina-bond talaga kayo ng Panginoon, at nagiging sympathetic kayo sa isa't isa.

"It's a very special and funny time, too. Stressful but wonderful."

BEING A DADDY AT HIS AGE. Ogie joins the ranks of his daddy friends who have babies this late in the game.

Ogie, exclaiming almost with disbelief, "Imagine, our age!"

The 43-year-old performer reminds himself that "bigay ng Panginoon 'yan," and he's processed it by learning to cut down as well on things he needs to do.

His civic work involvements will have to slowly take a back seat, putting himself to what he calls "self-paternal leave," especially during the time leading to Regine's delivery.

Gender preference aside, Ogie jokes it would be great if they had a boy. But first and foremost, they pray for a healthy baby.

He proudly shares that his two girls, as well as Mark and Michelle, being ones of the first to know, are constantly praying for them as well.

Baby names will be more seriously addressed, when, Ogie says, they've confirmed the gender.

But that Herminio—his real name—isn't a bad option.

He kidded around with Regine's dad about it, saying, "Paano kaya, Mang Gerry, Herminio Gerardo? So, nickname niya HerGer?"

The entertainment world, along with Ogie and Regine, their family, friends, and fans eagerly await the arrival of the child of two of local showbiz's most talented singers.





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