Kim Hyun Joong shares his skin care secret to Filipino men


Who wouldn't envy Kim Hyun Joong's smooth, silky-looking skin? During his recent visit to Manila, the Korean TV and music sensation revealed his grooming secret to the public and encouraged Filipino men to use skin care products more often.

Despite the growing health and wellness trend in the country these days, most Filipino men still seem averse to the idea of using beauty products on their skin.

Unless there's a special reason or occasion to look good, most men do little or nothing at all to take care of their skin.

Because of their lack of 'skin sense,' it's not surprising how men tend to look older than their actual age

At the press conference of The Face Shop at the Rockwell Club in Makati last August 26, one guy proved that a little vanity can do a man a lot of good.

He's none other than Korean superstar Kim Hyun Joong, a self-confressed moisturizer junkie and an actual patron of the Asian beauty brand.

There was no need to explain why he was chosen as the brand's endorser. His flawlessly fair and healthy-looking skin is a clear testament to his religious use of beauty products.

His love for hydrating creams stems from the fact that his skin tends to get dry given South Korea's extreme weather conditions, whether it be summer or winter. The rigors of a hectic showbiz career, including stress and lack of sleep, also cause skin dehydration.

The Boys Over Flowers and Playful Kiss star says his best skin care ally is a light moisturizer and swears by a product line called E'thym.

It consists of cleansing foam, toner, body lotion, firming essence and a light moisturizing face cream, which he uses all the time.

Compared to thick moisturizers, light creams leave a clean and non-oily texture on the skin's surface, but work just as well.

Light creams are also usually clear or light-colored and are absorbed faster because of their high water content.

If it works for the Korean superstar, this 'no-frills, no fuss' regimen could very well be the perfect skin care solution for men who want to take that big first step towards younger-looking skin at any age.






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