FASHION SPOTLIGHT: Miriam Quiambao at the Esquire Ball


What Miriam wore: (Left) Purple Frederick Peralta dress cinched at the waist with a Mango belt. (Right, top to bottom) Assorted bracelets purchased from Bangkok and other travels abroad; glass beaded purse and gold sandals bought in Hong Kong.

Sexy was the name of the game for the ladies who attended the Esquire Philippines launch party at The Peninsula Manila on October 5. (CLICK HERE to view related photo gallery)

Elegant dresses cut just at the right places revealed the hottest accessories worn that evening: legs, bare back, and cleavage.

Former beauty queen Miriam Quiambao was not one to miss the party's unofficial dress code.

The 1999 Miss Universe first runner-up showed up wearing a low drop halter neck gown.

The dress tastefully revealed ample cleavage as well as the upper half of her back—subtle compared to others, but sexy and enthralling nonetheless.

"This is a dress I had Frederick made a while ago," Miriam told (Philippine Entertainment Portal) at the party's red carpet.

"This is probably the second time I've worn it in public, but I love it! I mean, the plum color just goes so well with my skin," she added.


As a rule of thumb, warm tones go pretty well with brown and red tints.

Miriam, who is perfectly tan all over, chose the right shades of deep purple and gold for her ensemble.

The sheen of her golden skin shone brighter in the dress which she matched with a gold belt from Mango to emphasize her figure.

She also wore a pair of gold high-heeled sandals to match.

An assortment of bangles and bracelets in gold and bronze hues were also piled on her wrist, for accent.

"I can't remember where I got these [bracelets]. Some of these, I think, are from Bangkok.

"The purse I bought in Hong Kong" she says of her other accessory embellished with round glass beads.

We wouldn't call Miriam sexy per se judging by her simple outfit.

However, the way she wore it with an air of beauty queen confidence made a huge difference.


Needless to say, you don't need to show much in order to look sexy.


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